UPDATE from Mission Jamaica

UPDATE from Mission Jamaica

We had two great days!  Went up the mountain to Copse and attended church at Faith Chapel on Sunday. Very long sermon – it was an hour – church service was 2 1/2 hours which was a little longer than normal. Don’t get any ideas we really missed the 10 – 15 minute sermon. We took some of the children from West Haven to church with us and they love to praise the Lord!!  After church we went back to West Haven to visit with the other children and house mothers.

Today we started the sewing clinic in the local community of Copse – we had 6 women excited and anxious to sew. When we get done on Wednesday afternoon they will each have a skirt and top they made! Others played and feed the children while others did some finishing touches on Cottage 5.

I will see if I can get others to write something at the end of each day and send it to you or put it on facebook.


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