Loaves and Fishes, River of Life, and the Kitchen

Loaves and Fishes, River of Life, and the Kitchen

Some of the Prince of Peace Loaves & Fishes Team!

These three things have a lot in common. Loaves and Fishes prepares and serves evening meals to the hungry five nights a week. River of Life Lutheran Church provides the kitchen and dining area for this ministry. Health Inspectors say the kitchen needs updating. Contractors say it will cost $185,000-225,000 to complete the updates. We say Prince of Peace has actively supported this ministry for 18 years, and we’d like to keep going!

During the remaining Sundays in February, we will highlight this ministry in our “Reach Out” series. “Grow Deep and Reach Out” are the components of our ministry model that serves as a foundation for all that we do.

We’ve set a goal to raise $7,000 that are eligible for matching funds. You can make a check to “Prince of Peace” and put “River of Life Kitchen Remodel” in the memo line.

You’ll learn a lot more about this important outreach each Sunday in February!

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