Devo: What God Wants

Devo: What God Wants

Acts 2:1-21 (click for full reading)

“All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.”     –Acts 2:4

What God Wants
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This week we celebrated the “birthday of the church” on Pentecost. One of the things to notice about the sudden out-pouring of God’s grace on the day of Pentecost is that it was a very inclusive and a very public moment. What happened at Pentecost was no mystical, inner, personal experience of the Spirit. It was an outpouring of God’s Spirit that touched every life that was present. In other words, from the beginning, this Christian faith is lived out in community, and in public.what God wants

Questions to discuss/ponder:
1.  Do most Lutherans think of their Christian faith as a public thing or a private thing?
2.  How can we help to make sure that all people hear the gospel “in their native language?”  (Unchurched people, young people, elderly people who grew up in the church, etc.)
3.  The gospel reading for Pentecost begins with the disciples (the church) locked away in fear. What are some things that keep the church locked up today? What are we afraid of?

This week I challenge you to think about your Christian faith and whether you are living out a public or a private faith. Pretend like you are living in a time and place where being a Christian could get you arrested or worse. Would anyone have any reason to suspect you are a follower of Jesus during the week?

Pastor Chad

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