Devo: Average Andrew

Devo: Average Andrew

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Everyone knows about the Apostle Peter’s powerful preaching and Saint Paul’s brave missionary adventures establishing churches. How could we ever forget about the wilderness profit we call John the Baptist? Even Thomas is remembered, if only for his doubting. But Saint Peter’s little brother Andrew is one of the disciples easy to overlook.  Maybe Andrew is really the disciple best equipped to lead the way for those of us who care about the community of faith today.

Andrew doesn’t have a big name like Peter, James, John, Matthew, Mark, Luke, or Paul. But he did do one thing, and he did it over and over again. I think the inspiring thing about Andrew for us is that we can do what Andrew did. Few of us have the guts to speak truth to power like a John the Baptist or the apostle Peter. What Andrew did, we all can do.  Andrew introduced people to Jesus. He invited people everywhere he went to “come and see.”

“What are you looking for,” Jesus asks Andrew. “We want to know where you are staying,” is the reply. It’s such on interesting question. They don’t ask, how can we be saved or how can we inherit eternal life? They simply want to know where Jesus is staying. “Come and see,” Jesus invites. “Come and see.”

Questions to ponder or discuss:
1.  How would your life be different without the community of faith? Do you have memories of being in church going all the way back to when you were a child? Why have you “stayed with Jesus” all these years?

2.Why have so many people today decided the church is not for them? Should we care about this in the church? What should we do about it?

Live It
Andrew was so psyched about meeting Jesus that he could not help inviting others to “come and see.” If belonging to the community of faith in Christ has been a blessing in your life, maybe it’s time to invite others to come and see.

Let’s start small. Your mission, if you choose to accept it this week, is to do at least one of the following: 1) Invite one person to worship or to attend GroupLife with you. 2) Share the link to this devotional on your Facebook or forward it to a friend in an email. 3) Tell a friend struggling in some way that you will pray for them (and then pray!). You can do it!

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