Council minutes September 2013

Council minutes September 2013

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting

September 17, 2013 (Approved)


Present:   Pastor Chad Brekke, AiM Natalia Terfa, Bill Fredrick, Sue Johnson , Julia Sevald, Georgia Larson, Dan Cassada, Morgan Holle, Bev Alsleben, Erik Hasse and Melissa Johnson

Absent: Jennifer Follestad


Call to Order:  President Bill Fredrick called the meeting to order.


Devotions:  Morgan Holle led us in devotions.


Adoption of Agenda:  A motion was made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Georgia Larson to adopt the Council agenda with this addition.  Motion approved.


Approval of Previous Minutes:  A motion was made by Sue Johnson and seconded by Julia Sevald to approve the minutes from the August 20, 2013 Council meeting as written.  Motion approved.


Reports of Officers:


Treasurer’s Report: Notable August activity:


  • ·        Total August offerings & receipts were unfavorable to budget by $11,003 and $26,428 unfavorable to prior year.  However, please note August 2012 included an estate gift of $21,872.52.  Disbursements are favorable to budget by $4,663 and to prior year by $4,216 for the month. 
  • ·        The general fund activity for the month was a loss of $12,555.  This is unfavorable to budget for the month and to prior year.
  • ·        Year to date, we are still overall unfavorable to budget by $47,240 and to prior year by $53,234.  The Exec team continues to brainstorm on ways to turn this around, although this is really driven by a decrease in giving when compared against plan and prior year.
  • ·        The cash balance has dropped to ($29,149), which means we are borrowing against our designated funds for normal monthly activity. 
  • ·        There were no designated funds with significant activity this month.


A motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Bev Alselben and seconded by Dan Cassada. 

Additional Notes:

  • ·        The budgeting process is starting. Kathy will be working with the staff over the next three or four weeks. The staff will contact council members that are affected by these budgets. 

President’s Report:

  • ·        Council has been asked to host dinner on September 25th for Financial Peace University. We will be feeding around 50 people. Bill will bring a casserole. Bev will bring a dessert. Sue will bring rolls. Erik and Morgan are also available to help.
  • ·        Property Committee: Submitted a written report.
    • o       Check the two steel doors in the sanctuary – they are not shutting tight on their own, which leaves the building unsecure.
  • ·        Stewardship :
    • o       The Stewardship Committee is trying to connect members of the congregation with ongoing committees that have service opportunities. Rather than looking for volunteers they are trying to create an atmosphere of working as a larger family. Within the church there are many tasks we can work on, which are necessary to sustain and grow our congregation. As family members we need to see these as important ministry opportunities. A table in the Welcome Center will be available for members to receive information one Sunday a month. Pledge cards will also have space available to commit to service opportunities.


Vice-President’s Report: 

A motion was made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Dan Cassada to approve a benevolence disbursement of $500 for Leave a Legacy events (Memorial Day flowers, All Saints Sunday flowers, donuts for Memorial Day and All Saints Sunday and the meal for the Identity Theft seminar). Motion approved.


A motion was made by Dan Cassada and seconded by Morgan Holle to approve a capital disbursement of up to $1,900 for HVAC improvements. Motion approved.

 Secretary’s Report: 

  • ·        Deadline to submit reports to Melissa is the Saturday before the Tuesday of the Council meeting. Melissa will get the Council packet out by Saturday night or Sunday morning for review.


Student Report/Update from Brent:

  • ·        Revolution has begun.
  • ·        Pr. Chad and Brent announced that high school youth are able to apply to go on the Tanzania Vision trip. This is the high school summer trip opportunity. They would appreciate suggestions of any financial aid that may be available.
  • ·        Rite of Confirmation is Sunday September 29th.
  • ·        Axis begins October 2nd with the first of monthly family faith formation nights.

 Pastoral Reports: 

Pastor Chad’s Report:

  • ·        The fall ministry season got off to a fantastic start with the Great POP Get Together on Sunday, September 8th
    • o       After a review of the day, the staff agreed that next year the plan will be to have one worship service at 9am on Rally Day. This will be helpful in the following ways:
      • §         We will be better able to promote the outdoor activities (bounce houses, food, games, etc.) to our local community and invite them to join us.  With the activities running at the same time as worship, a slightly confusing campus is presented to first time visitors. Also, having all the festive outdoor activities after worship allows ministry staff to have a presence there as well.
      • §         A number of families found themselves (their kids) too involved in the outdoor activities to break away and come in for the second worship service, even though that was their intention when they left the house.
      • §         We will be better able to make sure everyone has the chance to enjoy the food and activities. This year the food was no longer available after worship for those attending the second service.

 ·        A reminder that Confirmation Sunday will be on September 29th.  This affirmation of baptism service has been moved this year from a stand-alone service in the afternoon to taking place during the 10:30am worship service.  We want the confirmation service to have a deeper connection to the entire worshipping community at POP.  The sermon during both worship services will be a compilation of the faith statements of our confirmands.

 ·        There currently 30 registrations, representing over 50 participants, for the Financial Peace University course beginning on September 18th

  AIM Natalia’s Report:

  • ·        What a great start to the school year here at POP. The Rally Day festivities were awesome! So many great comments and feelings around the day, and next year promises to be even better!
  • ·        GroupLife is looking forward to a fall kick-off starting the week of October 13th. We’ll be the ministry moment in church on the 6th. We are looking for new leaders or co-leaders for groups.
    • o       For fall we are going to watch “TED Talks” and then apply them to faith and life. For the winter (post holiday break) sessions, we are going to bring back the newest round of DVDs from “Animate,” the group curriculum we used last fall.
  • ·        The new POP Visitation Team is up and running, and ready to go. We’ve had trainings and they have been filled with great people just ready and willing to get out and do this new ministry. Their excitement and readiness is contagious and we can’t wait to see where they take us.
  • ·        Natalia is working 25 hours a week at Ebenezer Care Center to fulfill the CPE requirement of her degree.
  • ·        On October 15th, Natalia has her endorsement interview with the Minneapolis Synod, and then will begin her official “Internship Year” at Prince of Peace in January. This still puts her on track for ordination and call in the winter of 2014.


Council Reports

Each ministry team is to submit a written report each month.  These will be attached to the official minutes.  Highlights will be included in these minutes.


Executive Team:  No Report. 

Spiritual Growth: No Report.

 Sunday Morning Experience:  

  • ·        Tuesday, October 1st from 6:00-9:00PM there will be CPR training. There are 7 people signed up; the goal is to have 10 people.

 Congregational Care:  No Report.



Peace Feast: Great crew of volunteers again. We will serve the guests at the tables in a gesture of service.  We will also do an informal survey

of guests to gather data. 

  • o       Results of Aug. meal:  About 40 guests in attendance.  They LOVED the meal!  Most heard of the meal through word of mouth and come from BC/BP area.  Most come for fellowship, some for financial reasons or to enjoy home cooking.  We are not reaching the target group of people – local families of diversity who are in great need, despite our advertising that would seem to include this group.
  • o       We will serve the meal on Oct. 31st (Halloween) but not in Nov. which is Thanksgiving.  Most felt people have enough options for that day.  We will serve the last week of December.  Young mothers group will serve in Sept., will ask men’s Bible study for Oct. and perhaps youth for Dec. We’d love to have each group plan everything – menu, shopping, work crew etc.

Service Saturdays for 2013 –quarterly is more manageable

  • o       We are thinking October (raking through CEAP and with Men’s Group), January, March, May with possibilities being Park Brook, TreeHouse, Feed My Starving Children, Highway Clean Up.  Natalia suggested:
  • o       Leaf Raking (CEAP) in October, Feed My Starving Children in January (mid to late month,  Hope for Youth (or something else) in March, Spring Cleaning of some kind (highway, church grounds, member homes, etc) in May.  Need to check on required dates for highway cleanup.
  • o       Should we change Service Sat. from the 1st Sat. because raking is later in Oct.?

Keeping “Outreach” in front of the congregationWe discussed the difficulty in keeping up with announcements for the bulletin, oral or e-news.  Bev wrote an article for e-news with bullet points of ways to serve.   Could we put this list of opportunities on the website?

  • o       We brainstormed the following:
    • §         Always have Peace Feast announcement on bulletin board/ announce Sun. before PF.
    • §         Fall skit on PF by Lynn and Vera W.
    • §         Create a picture collage of activities for the website
    • §         Display blown up photos of POP members  serving (fellowship windows)
    • o       Making ministry areas visible
      • §         Get photos of council reps up with the ministry areas as well as on the web.
      • §         Have council members more visible during Sunday services so people know them
      • o       Intentional OutreachHave a “bring a friend to church” or “try church again” Sunday.  Support from other ministry areas?
      • o       New Loaves and Fishes Site in NW areaMet with Loaves and Fishes rep, Diane Sannes and reps from BC, BP and Crystal churches.  Demographics support a site in area around Lutheran Church of the Master.  They will look for a site with possible model being hiring a main cook and getting local churches, organizations to provide the rest.  Would love to be up and running by Jan.  Our PF would probably dissolve and we can help with River of Life and the new site?

 Community Life: 

  • ·        Community life just finished “The Great POP Get Together” September 8th. There was a good turnout and the team received positive feedback about the event. They are planning to continue this event in the future.

 Modern Worship Arts:

Key Area Updates

  • ·        10:30am Worship Gathering
    • o       Building acoustic absorption panels for drums and guitar amps (on going…)
    • o       Tweaking stage plot for band and dampening drums; drums sounded better than previous years
    • o       Learning how to leverage the acoustic realities of the Worship Center
    • o       Loving the work with the choir on Sunday, 9/8
  • ·        Website
    • o       Making subpages for 9am and 10:30am worship services (in process…
    • o       **NEED** to update Council picture page with a current Council pic
  • ·        Social Media
    • o       FB reach (those who’ve seen the posts on their well/feed) is increasing weekl
    • o       **SHARE** our FB activity when you can
    • o       **CHECK-IN** on Sunday AM
  • ·        Cont’d Conversation/Ideas
    • o       We could use “restaurant shades” for the Northeast set of windows (along the back-right wall) of the Worship Center (at least). AND could really use shades on the “Touchdown Jesus” window as well. All that natural light kills the projection screens and distracts people at certain times of the day
    • o       Regarding being Invitational and the “why?” question: I think the “why?” is very personal (but certainly not private), and is not the same for everyone. The specific “why?” comes from your biggest hurt/need and the place in your life you’ve experienced the greatest change. For some, it’s difficult to connect with the “why?” because those 2 areas (need/hurt & change) are largely unexplored. A general “why?” question could be something like, “community in Jesus makes the difference in the really tough times; and the good times seem more joyous when I get to share them with these people.” Just off-the-cuffing…

 Children and Family Ministry:

  • ·        Sunday School has officially started. Our registrations are right around the 200 mark which is where they were last year. We want to continue to draw in new families.
  • ·        There was great energy on Sunday as we passed out Bibles to 3 Year Olds, and 2nd Graders (and 7th Graders)
  • ·        2nd Graders did a Bible class with Katie and they learned how important their Bible can be for them.
  • ·        Heidi Grell is leading music at BOTH services and has done some work to liven up the Education Wing with posters, bulletin boards and other fun activities.
  • ·        Kids Choir starts this coming Sunday – Valerie Krych is the Director this year. They are still looking for an accompanist.
  • ·        Financial Peace Child Care has at least 15 kids in it for the next 9 weeks.
  • ·        Katie is working on getting the Operation Christmas Child donations organized so we can start pushing that for the next couple of months. The fill day will be on November 17th
  • ·        The Great POP Get Together was a lot of fun. The staff and Community Life team will continue to work with the team to strengthen that event as well as other events throughout the year

Looking Ahead

  • ·        We are looking at offering some “Schools Out” programming for times like MEA, Presidents Day, etc.
  • ·        Katie is looking at the POPpers schedule/program for the 2013/2014 year. We are looking to add a short bible study component to the events as well as really pushing the invitation piece for those events.
  • ·        Once the school year gets underway Katie will be focusing a bit of time on the Birth-3 Year Old age group.
  • ·        Katie had a brief conversation with Georgia Larson about doing a program called “My Church” for children right before they enter Sunday School.


Unfinished Business:  None


New Business: None

 A motion was made by Morgan Holle and seconded by Dan Cassada to adjourn the meeting.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.

 Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Johnson



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