Congregational Budget Meeting 12/6/2015

Congregational Budget Meeting 12/6/2015

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Congregational Budget Meeting

December 6, 2015

Welcome: President Sue LaGue welcomed the congregation and called the meeting to order at 11:55 a.m.

Opening prayer: Pastor Chad Brekke led the congregation in prayer.

Presentation of the 2016 Proposed Budget: Julia Sevald, Treasurer, presented the proposed budget.

  • 2015 has been a relatively good year for Prince of Peace. We’ve been able to overcome the $20,000 plug that was put into the 2015 budget.
  • Our 2016 budget is essentially a break-even budget.
  • The planned for Give-to-the-Max Day amount for 2016 is down from this year, but we don’t want to expect/budget for the $23,000 that was actually received this year.
  • We have a full year of the daycare that is using our building, and they are also using more of our space than was used by the previous daycare.
  • The Personnel budget was increased, because we have two pastoral staff for a full year.
  • A cost of living adjustment of 2% for staff (effective in July) was put in budget.
  • The Property line was increased with a $6,000 reserve fund for expected repairs (e.g., HVAC system).
  • Much of the benevolence that we give comes through designated funds, not just what is put in the budget. For example, whatever comes in for CEAP goes directly out to CEAP, so that money is not included in the budget.
  • The budget for Worship, Music & Video has increased. In the past we have used designated funds. Those designated funds are gone for 2016, so now those funds are back in the budget.


Where does our budgeted benevolence money go?

  • 363 days
  • Parenting with Purpose
  • ELCA
  • Loaves and Fishes

Why is the funding for Youth Ministry down from $3,500 to $2,900?

  • If the tithes and offerings come in higher, we can put more money into the ministries that might need more than we were able to budget for. Registration fees are not included in this budget. We are simply living within our means, but it is talked about at every leadership meeting, and everyone agrees that Youth Ministry should be funded at a higher level. The funds are simply not there at this point to put in the budget.

How will Prince of Peace be affected by the new Light Rail route?

  • Pastor Chad has attended the meetings regarding the Light Rail. There is nothing right adjacent to POP that would really affect us (e.g., noise level). We don’t expect to be negatively affected by the Light Rail. Hopefully, it will have a positive effect.

We’ve borrowed money in the past. Are we still able to borrow money for emergency repairs that might come up?

  • We can still borrow money, but Thrivent would have to approve the loan. We can refinance the mortgage in 2016 if we choose to.

Concern was expressed about all funds being restricted/designated.

  • Throughout 2015 we haven’t had to decide which bills to pay. It might look like we only have two weeks of cash, but it is on a rolling basis. The church is not run like a business or a family budget. We look at trends. Our trend for over a decade in the past was on deficit spending, resulting in a decrease in staff and a decrease in spending money on ministries. We would love to have a larger cash balance on hand to make up for unforeseen expenses. However, it is not a concern at this time.

Sue LaGue noted quorum was achieved before a vote was taken.

Motion to approve the budget: A motion was made by Mike Felien and seconded by Ken Lundgren to approve the budget as proposed. Motion approved.

Motion to amend the bi-laws: A motion was made by Jackie Winters and seconded by Jim Fodstad to amend the bi-laws of the constitution to state that the Annual Congregational Meeting shall be held on a Sunday in the month of January (not specifying any particular Sunday in January). Motion approved.

Motion to adjourn: A motion was made by Mike Felien and seconded by Jim Fodstad to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved.

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