Youth Update from Chicago

Youth Update from Chicago

Day 1: Monday
News from Chicago! We arrived safely last night at 7pm and received a warm welcome and orientation from Ms Pearl. The lady is incredible! Today we got to lead praise and worship, calendar time, and a lesson on frogs! We packed the afternoon with lunch, POPs Camp style VBS, free time and a delightful quiet time. Time for a much needed dinner, debriefing and then worship!
God is at work here in Roseland and prayers for continued blessings are much needed!

Day 2: Tuesday
Good morning from Roseland! Rollerskating and more VBS today! We’re kickin’ it old school and going back to our roots. God bless!
We had a very busy day today! We took the kids to the roller rink for some skating, and it was awesome to see them learning how to skate without help. Then we headed back to Roseland for VBS where we taught a lesson about Passover. After a delicious home-cooked meal from Ms. Pearl, we learned more about Ms. Pearl’s history and the day care. Tomorrow we’re planning to do some math in the day care with a grocery store. The trip’s going great so far. Thanks for all your prayers.

Day 3: Wednesday
Hello from Roseland! We had a very productive day teaching the kids how to grocery shop and use math at the “Roseland Peace Market” that we created in the daycare center. At VBS we taught about how Jesus is our savior and we made “stained glass window” crosses. Tonight we’re headed to the Navy Pier for a night out and to watch some fireworks! Have a great evening and please keep praying for us and the kids!

Day 4: Thursday
Good news from “Good News” Daycare – Thursday was phenomenal! As usual, Ms. Pearl threw a changeup our way and decided we would be going to a brand new community center to use their water park for the afternoon. So, we held VBS in the morning and taught the kids about the armor of God (Ephesians 6) and how we are all soldiers in God’s army. After lunch we loaded up the kids and made for the water park. We had an awesome time! There was a splash area, two water slides, and a whirlpool (a circular section where they pumped water in to push you around the circle). Needless to say, the end of the day naptime was well received! In the evening, Ms. Pearl made a feast for us and we celebrated Sydney Stordahl‘s birthday with a brownie cake! Then, Ms. Pearl shared her story. What an incredible woman of God! Be sure to let your kids talk about it with you and read her story together (she gave everyone a copy). It our last night together as she had to go out of town to speak and raise support but we sent her with our prayers. Today is morning VBS again where we will recap our week and share our usual POPs camp style water day! After that we have some work around the house and yard to take care of. So sad it’s our last day but we are excited to come home too πŸ™‚ God bless.

Day 5: Friday
Oofda, what a day! We recapped our week of VBS with the kids and it was so exciting to hear them talk about what they learned this week about creation, passover, Jesus, and the armor of God. And they really had things to share πŸ™‚ Then it was time to get wet! There were water balloons, sprinklers, and a whole lot of childlike faith and fun! Our afternoon consisted of cleaning up the grounds and building here on 113th St. All of us were sad to see the kids leave today as we realized that we are the ones actually leaving. Our thoughts and prayers are with them for safety, health, and God’s blessings.

Day 6: Saturday
Mission Chicago is complete! We arrived safely at 9:45. Thank you so much for all of your prayer and support. Full updates to come! God bless

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