July 2011 Special Congregational Meeting minutes

July 2011 Special Congregational Meeting minutes

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Special Congregational Meeting

July 17, 2011 (Draft)


Members Present:  On Record


Call to Order:  President Tom Heinrich called this Special Congregational Meeting of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota to order.


Approval of Agenda:  A motion to approve the agenda was made by Ken Lundgren and seconded by Betty Barrick.  Motion was approved.


Opening Prayer:  Don Weber opened the meeting by praying the Prayer of the Holy Spirit, the same prayer that opened every meeting of the Call Committee.


Overview of the Senior Pastor Call Process:   President Heinrich provided the congregation with a list of the major steps of the Call Committee.  These were projected on the screens.  Phase 1 was really about looking inward at the people who make up our congregation.  In this phase we developed the “Site Ministry Profile” that was shared with each of our candidates.  In phase 2 we reviewed each of the candidates “Rostered Leader Profiles” that were presented to the Call Committee; we conducted interviews, listened to sermons and selected the best candidate to bring to you today.  Phase 3 begins with today’s meeting.  Following a positive vote the candidate will have a period of discernment.  Provided this discernment is positive Pastor Chad Brekke and his family will pack up and move to Minnesota.  His last day at St. Matthew’s will be August 28th and his first sermon at Prince of Peace will be September 25th.


Introduction of Senior Pastor Candidate:  Mike Kust helped introduce Pastor Chad to the congregation.  The Call Committee took very seriously our responsibility to represent the entire Prince of Peace Congregation.  The Committee reached consensus on Pastor Chad because he was the one candidate that best met the congregations top criteria, based on the congregation survey.  These included: delivery of excellent worship, excellent preaching, Bible messages that relate to our daily lives, providing a supportive environment that is welcoming and affirming, and uses humor as part of his ministry.


Video Greeting from Pastor Chad:  Pastor Chad Brekke provided a short video greeting to introduce himself and his family to the members of Prince of Peace.


Motion to call:  Thankful for the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, a motion is made to offer Pastor Chad W. Brekke a call to serve as Prince of Peace’s Senior Pastor.  Motion made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Ron Welde. 


Discussion:  Members were encouraged to ask question of the Call Committee regarding Pastor Chad. 


Call for the Question:  A motion to call the question was made by Roger Dissmeyer and seconded by LeRoy Christenson.  Motion was approved.


Vote:  Paper ballots were distributed and collected.


Announcement of the Congregational Vote:  After all ballots were counted the results were announced by President Heinrich, 188 yes and 5 no.  The motion having exceeded the constitutional requirement of two-thirds the motion to approve the issuing of a call to Pastor Chad W. Brekke was approved.


Acknowledgement of Call Committee:  Tom acknowledged the 2011 Senior Pastor Call Committee members:  Sue Johnson, Angie Bendtsen, Mary Fodstad, Dan Ficken, Allan Grant and Julia Sevald, Deb Felien, Mike Kust, Terri Revell and Darrel Wyszynski.


Acknowledgement of Call Committee Support Team:  Tom also acknowledged the 2011 Senior Pastor Call Committee Support Team:  Natalie Cassada, administrative support, Linda Forkey and Ken Lundgren, hospitality, Don Weber, Cam Johnson and Marv Hutchens, prayer team.


Signing of Letter of Call:  President Tom Heinrich and Secretary Allan Grant signed the official Letter of Call to Pastor Chad W. Brekke.


Overview of Plans for a Special Financial Appeal:  Ron Welde presented the congregation with the details of a $36,000 special appeal that will begin today to provide needed resources for our new Senior Pastor should he accept our Call.  These funds will be used to pay moving expenses, needed computer upgrades for Pastor Chad and assist in covering part of his salary for the remaining months of 2011.


Motion to Adjourn:  A motion to adjourn was made by Mike Felien and Seconded by Ken Lundgren.  Motion was approved.


Closing Prayer:  Don Weber led the closing prayer.




Allan Grant





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