Shine His Light

Shine His Light

Psalm 27:1—”The Lord is my light and my salvation.” It’s a  powerful and truthful statement that is personal to each of us. “MY” light and “MY” salvation. No one knows that better than Jesus himself, as He began his public ministry calling men to leave their nets and follow him. He knew that God’s kingdom was near. Through Jesus, God draws all of us out of the     darkness and into the light, just like He did with those first    disciples.

God is with us as we struggle with daily challenges, decisions large and small, opportunities captured and missed. He suffers with us, laughs with us, and comforts us as we navigate life, illness, sin, and death. What assurance there is in knowing that Jesus’ life, death and resurrection brings us out of the darkness and into the light. The Lord truly is “my light and my salvation”.

The light dawns regardless where we are. Light dawns as we gather for worship. We gather in His presence, hear His Word, and go forth as Jesus did—sharing the Good News of the Lord, our light and our salvation—so that others may be “caught” by the news of a gracious, merciful and loving God.

 The second half of Psalm 27:1 is just as powerful.

“The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?”

 For strength, confidence, assurance, guidance, and hope, read all 14 verses of Psalm 27. God is near. God hears. “He is my light and my salvation.” Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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