Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2012 (Approved)


Present:  Tom Heinrich, Julia Sevald, Bill Fredrick, Pastor Chad Brekke and Kathy Arveson

Absent:  Allan Grant


Call to Order:  President Tom Heinrich called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.


Devotions: Tom Heinrich led us in the Lord’s Prayer.


Adoption of the Agenda:  A motion was made by Bill Fredrick and seconded by Julia Sevald

to approve the agenda.  Motion Approved.


Approval of Previous Minutes:  A motion was made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Bill Fredrick to approve the minutes from the August 14, 2012 Executive Committee meeting as written.  Motion approved.


Reports of Officers:

Treasurer’s/Business Administrator’s Report:  Notable August activity:

  • ·        August envelope offerings were slightly higher than budgeted.  Total August receipts (including donor directed benevolence of $2,187) are favorable to budget by $20,059.  Additionally, disbursements are favorable to budget by $4,242.  The general fund activity for the month was a gain of $12,993.  This is favorable to budget for the month and prior year (loss of $15,111 in August 2011).
  • ·        Year to date receipts are still significantly unfavorable to budget by $14,784, however disbursements are favorable to budget by $32,630 resulting in an overall positive variance to budget YTD of $17,846.
  • ·        The designated fund with significant activity in August was the Miscellaneous fund.  This was related to the move of the Greendahl gift from designated funds to the general fund, as voted on by the congregational council at the August meeting.  This gift was $21,872.52.  Please note, without this gift, the general fund would have a negative balance for the month. 
  • ·        The entire amount of the mortgage reserve balance was transferred to the general fund in August to cover the building fund shortfall year to date.  This account will need to be replenished to its full amount of $30,000 at the end of the year.
  • ·        The Jumpstart campaign announced by Pastor Chad this past week will help to ensure we have the funds available at the end of the year to accomplish our ministry and financial goals, including those noted above.

The third quarter financial update will occur on October 21st between the services.


The Congregational Budget meeting will occur on December 16th at 11:30.  This meeting will be to approve the 2013 budget that will be presented at the 2013 annual meeting.


A motion was made to accept the Treasures Report by Bill Fredrick and seconded by Tom Heinrich.  Motion approved.


President’s Report: 

  • ·        Tom will be scheduling meetings with each of the committee to discuss their vision and direction for 2013.
  • ·        Budgeting process discussions will begin soon.  A congregational budget meeting will be held tentatively on December 16, 2012 for approval of the budget.  The annual meeting will then just be presenting the approved budget to be able to focus more on where we have been for the past year and where we are going.


Vice President’s Report: 

Leave A Legacy Update:  The committee has submitted a written report. There is a leak in the bathroom and a leak in the boiler room (hot water line).  Minimal expenses are expected to fix these issues.  The total reported balance of funds in the Lutheran Community Foundation account is approximately $156,000. 


Secretary’s Report:  No Report



Pastoral Reports: 

Pastor Chad’s Report:


We wrapped up a strong summer worship schedule on Labor Day. The summer schedule was a bit of a test as it included dropping to only one service on Sunday mornings throughout the summer and the addition of a Wednesday evening service.  Pastor Chad is pleased that there was no decrease in summer worship attendance over the same period last year, which was one of the concerns of reducing the Sunday morning schedule.


The entire staff has been preparing for the fall ministry season, which is shaping up to be an engaging mix of worship, service and learning for all ages.  The vision and strategy for the launch of our Small Groups ministry will definitely be a focus in this new season.  Pastor Chad encourages council members to lead by example and participate in a group.


The first letters related to our fall stewardship emphasis will have gone out by the time you read this report.  The 15 week Jumpstart campaign will begin on September 30.  Jumpstart is tied to this year’s stewardship theme of “reflecting grace in giving” and is designed to give members a trial period to experience a growth in weekly giving of $5 per week leading up to Christmas.  The Jumpstart period is intended to help close the accumulated deficit we carry into the fall while also setting the stage for our members to maintain this growth in giving into the 2013 year of ministry.  


AIM Natalia’s Report:

GroupLife launches September 23rd.  Natalia is working with group leaders to finalize dates, times, details, etc, as well as working with Dan Ficken to get some elements created for worship and in the welcome center that Sunday.  Natalia is confident that our groups will fill up quickly, and anticipate needing more in the winter.  A BIG thanks to member Scott Gerber for his awesome design of the GroupLife Logo… it looks awesome and effectively spells out what we’re about here at POP and with Groups. 



Now that GroupLife has begun, group leaders are ready to go, and the Launch event is almost here, Natalia has been trying to meet with teams that have asked for help or additional support.  She has been enjoying meeting with Bev Alsleben to try to help the outreach team get going with service Saturdays, and look forward to those events bringing some energy into that team, as well as the whole congregation and surrounding community.  If any other teams would like to meet to talk about how the staff can support them and how we can work together to accomplish your goals, just let Natalia know!


She have been working with Lynell to get Befrienders up and running again, as well as creating a “Visitation Team” that can help with visits, communion distribution, etc.  These are two things that Pastor Jim was really involved with, and have a need for within our congregation.


Unfinished Business:  No unfinished business noted.


New Business: Discussion regarding estate gift distribution was held.  The executive team recommends to the council that we continue to maintain a listing of opportunities to designate such gifts. 


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Bill Fredrick.  Motion approved.


Respectfully submitted,


Julia Sevald



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