September 2011 Council Meeting

September 2011 Council Meeting

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting

September 20, 2011 (Approved)


Present:  Tom Heinrich, Dick Ruohoniemi, Bill Fredrick, Pastor Chad Brekke, Pastor Jim Carlson, Chuck Krych, Lynn Bohm, Marian Hutchens, Charlie Olson, Mary Gilleshammer and Allan Grant  Absent:  Pastor Hal Stoa , Cindi Lindquist, and Kim Cozad..


Call to Order:  President Tom Heinrich called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


Devotions: Marian Hutchens led opening devotions.


Adoption of Agenda:  A motion was made by Bill Fredrick and seconded by Chuck Krych to adopt the Council agenda.  Agenda was approved.


Approval of Previous Minutes:  A motion was made by Marian Hutchens and seconded by Mary Gillshammer to approve the minutes from the August 16, 2011 Council meeting as written.  Motion approved.


Reports of Officers:


Vice President’s Report:  Leave A Legacy Update – The Leave A Legacy Fund stands at $177,977.65.  The committee has planned another congregational forum for all Prince of Peace members on November 8th, they will present the Thrivent seminar entitled “Life Events” This seminar is appropriate for all ages.  An insert for the bulletin was updated for All Saints Day and will be in the bulletin for three Sundays beginning October 16th.   The Team will have a Ministry Moment on November 6th All Saint’s Sunday.


Leave A Legacy will have approximately $7,000 to distribute to the ministries of Prince of Peace this year according to their bylaws.  Please submit your requests ASAP using the forms they have provided.


The Call Committee and Council have been asked to help serve cake for Pastor Chad’s installation service on Sunday, October 9, 2011.  If available please contact Deb Felien.


Report from the Director of Administration: Charlie Olson presented a updated Facility Report of repairs to the church property.  The following repairs have been completed, sidewalk raising for $775, water leak under the floor of the original bathrooms $2,450, north driveway, repair for $1795, still to be completed is the main parking lot repair of cracks for $3,360.  The funds to pay for nearly all of these costs has come from the Thrivent Choice Dollars directed to Prince of Peace from members.


Treasurer/Director of Operations:  August receipts were $5,700 below budget which now puts us at $9,530 below budget for 2011.  Disbursements were above monthly receipts by $15,111 for the month.  Year to date distributions are $39,650 over receipts which took the General Fund to just $103 to the positive after a transfer of $1,000 from the General Fund Contingency Fund.  This leaves the General Fund Contingency Fund at $2,000.   The Building Fund was $1,414 below what is needed for the month.   


A motion was made to accept the Treasures Report by Mary Gilleshammer and seconded by Chuck Krych.  Motion approved.


President’s Report:  The welcome for the Brekke family on September 17th was a great success and many positive comments were shared with Tom throughout the evening.


The “I’m In” campaign has met it’s goal of $36,000 and a special thank you to Ron Welde and Jack Zimmer for their great leadership on behalf of the congregation.


Tom also shared a 30-60-90 day overview of activities planned at Prince of Peace.  This will help coordinate and facilitate programs and ministries in the future.


Council members need to think about their annual reports and planning of goals for 2012,


Council devotions beginning next month should focus on the Congregations Mission, Core Values and Vision to assist in strengthening our understanding of these important ideas. 


Pastor’s Report:


Pastor Chad:  Pastor Chad stated that he was really looking forward to Sunday September 25, 2011 when he would be preaching for the first time at Prince of Peace.  He, Lori and the girls felt very welcomed at the services last week and was impressed with the welcome they received at both the welcome event and at the services last Sunday.


Pastor Chad also wants to personally thank the Council and Call Committee for the very professional and mature aspect of the Call process.  He was very impressed with the entire process.


Pastor Chad stated that he was encouraged and thrilled with the talent pool of staff, lay members and the leadership that is at place in this congregation and will willingly listen and learn how Prince of Peace operates in the coming weeks.   


Pastor Chad shared that they have sold their home in Penn. and will return there next week to oversee packing and the closing.  They are scheduled to close on their new home in Brooklyn Park on October 3rd.   The girls are adapting to their new schools and are making friends and enjoying their new challenges.   


Pastor Jim:  Pastor Jim provided a written report which will be attached to the official minutes. In summary Pastor Jim attended and spoke at the dedication of the new kitchen for “Loaves and Fishes”.  Prince of Peace was the largest church donor for the project.  He also reported that August was a very busy month for pastoral care visits.  Pastor Chad has asked that Pastor Jim be with him for Sunday worship so the Bible study planned for October, “A Gardener, Two Travelers, and a Cheat” from the People of Faith series has been delayed.  Pastor Jim will also be closing on their new home on October 3rd.  He also reported that he has been working with Nickk VanLiew on getting the screens working properly during worship.  He hopes that weekly meetings will help with the current problems.



Pastor Hal:  Pastor Hal submitted a written report which will be attached to the official minutes.  He is at St. Timothy’s of Columbia Heights Council Meeting this evening.  He reports that he continues his commitment to Prince of Peace.  He presented the Stewardship plans for the fall. 

Staff Report: Katie Rykal provided the Council with her quarterly report of Children and Family Ministry.  Katie reported on the summer programming at Prince of Peace.  She reported that Veggie Camp had 125 campers this year.  Sunday morning dig averaged 30 children per time and that WAPO week was well attended.  Sunday school is up and running with 230 students registered.  Katie also presented goals for the future for Children and Family ministry at POP,

  • Continue to develop the sub-committees and help implement their ideas into the program – we are meeting on the 26th of September
  • Develop a strong base of volunteers for Sunday School and other Children and Family Ministry areas – have a good start on this, but still working to gain more volunteers.
  • Continue to work with the Nursery Coordinators and Childrens Choir Director to make those ministry areas strong and vibrant – will be planning a meeting with the Nursery Coordinators to talk about Curriculum, Childrens Choir will once again be doing a Spring Musical


Council Reports


Each Ministry Team is to submit a written report each month.  These will be attached to the official minutes.  Highlights will be included in these Minutes.


Executive Team:  Committee Goal Review:  The Executive Committee members reviewed the 2011 goals and discussed possible 2012 goals.  The direction for 2012 will be finalized in December.


Sunday Morning Experience Enhancement:  The Sunday Morning Experience Ministry had 2 successful WE Team meetings – Sept 8th and 10th.  They had about 25 team members attend each meeting.  Rally Sunday, they signed up a dozen new WE Team Members, and sold some of the cloth grocery bags.  The SME team will man the Visitor Booth for the first month and then ask WE Team Members to do so.  They will be honoring our Vets, November 13th (since Veterans Day is November 11th).  More information will be shared with the congregation in the coming weeks.  


Congregational Care:  The Congregational Care Ministry conducted a revised New Member Orientation in August.  The Committee received RSVPs from 13 families, 2 Families did not show, and 1 family left early and decided not to join at this time.  On August 18th POP welcomed 10 families into our congregation the committee paired established members with each new family as Fellowship Friends. 


Community Life:  The Community Life Ministry reported on their recent and upcoming activities including:    Homecoming Wrap-Up, Confirmation Dinner, Hoe Down, and Not So Silent Night.  The Ministry will again sponsor a sandwich making day for Project 363.  A letter that Prince of Peace received from a member at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Chester Springs, PA sharing the strengths of Pastor Chad and how he had worked to make St. Matthews a strong and vibrant congregation will be shared with POP as a Ministry Moment on September 11th.  The Country Hoe Dow is scheduled for Nov. 6th.  The Not So Silent Night was discussed.


Spiritual Development:  No report.


Outreach:   No Report.


Unfinished Business:  None 


New Business:  The Executive Committee forwarded to the Council a proposed Continuing Resolution entitled “Continuing Funds Management”.  The Continuing Resolution was shared with the Council and was explained by members of the Executive Committee.  It was shared that there has been questions asked regarding what “Restricted Funds” meant.  This Continuing Resolution is designed to provide guidance on the management of the monies donated to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church for specific purposes.  A motion to approve the Continuing Resolution on “Designated Funds Management” was made by Allan Grant and seconded by Lynn Bohm.  There was discussion.  Motion was approved.


Continuing Resolution

Designated Fund Management

Approved September 20, 2011


Purpose:  To provide guidance on the management of the monies donated to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church of Brooklyn Park that, when donated, are designated for a specific purpose.  


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church of Brooklyn Park is blessed by God with funds that are donated by groups and/or individuals and have the intention (when given) of being used for a specific project, event or ministry.  These guidelines are intended to assist in the long-term management of these resources so that funds are not held in the “Designated Fund” account for an indefinite period of time. 


1.  Restatement of fund name.  The fund that has been named the “Restricted Fund” will now be named the “Designated Fund”.


2.  Types of Designated Funds.  Three specific types of designated funds have evolved through use and are characterized as:


a.  Type I Ministry Funds.  This account contains funds which are not tax deductible.  These accounts assist in the management of monies utilized by Prince of Peace’s ministries.  Examples of these ministries (not all inclusive) are; Confirmation, Wedding, Funeral, Women of Faith and Love, Spiritual Development.  Monies within these accounts may remain for an undefined period of time.  The monies held under each ministry can be sub-divided by the account manager for a specific event or purpose.  A representative is to be named for each ministry account and is responsible for reporting to the Director of Operations usage, income and balances.


b.  Type II Special Donation Accounts.  This account contains funds which are tax deductible.  These accounts are established to account for monies raised through special giving campaigns authorized by the Congregational Council.  Examples of past giving campaigns are: Stained Glass Window, Kitchen Remodel, and Phase II Welcome Center.  At the time of establishment a representative for the fund is to be named by the Chairperson leading the special campaign.  Funds within these accounts will be moved to the General Fund 24 months after inception unless the representative of the fund requests of the Congregational Council an extension.  Any remaining fund balance will be transferred to the General Fund within 60 days of completion of the project or end of the need for the campaign. Transfer will be requested by the representative of the fund to the Director of Operations.


c.  Type III Benevolence / Memorial Donation Accounts.  This account contains funds which are tax deductible.  A designated account will be established to account for monies received from a member, or group of members, for an identified, specific purpose.  Examples of past donor designated accounts are: CEAP, memorial projects, and estate gifts.  At the time of establishment a representative will be named by the person or group making the donation.  Funds within these accounts will be moved to the General Fund, 12 months after inception unless the representative of the fund requests of the Congregational Council an extension.  To establish a One Time Donor Designated account the amount donated must exceed $500.00.


3.  Inactive and Small Balance Funds. The Director of Operations may recommend closure of Designated Fund accounts when the fund is inactive for a period of 3 months or more or has a balance under $200.00.  The Director of Operations will provide a notice to the fund representative 30 days prior to the Director making a recommendation to close an account.  The recommendation to close an account due to inactivity or balance below $200.00 will be made to the Congregational Council at its regular meeting and the fund representative will have an opportunity to address the Council regarding the recommendation.  If a Fund is closed the remaining balance will be transferred to the General Fund.


4.  Establishment of New Funds. The Director of Operations holds responsibility for setting up funds within the Designated Fund account.  The Director may approve or deny requests for establishment of Designated Funds and will establish the type of fund (I, II or III).  The Director will request sufficient information of the fund representative to properly account for monies held.  The Director will provide notice to the fund representative prior to the fund being closed and remaining fund balances moved to the General Fund.  The Director will name a replacement representative for a fund in the event the named representative is no longer a member of Prince of Peace or is unwilling or unable to perform the duties of fund representative.


5.  Precedence. This Continuing Resolution is not intended to supersede the guidance provided in the Prince of Peace Constitution or other previously published Continuing Resolutions.  All references to “Restricted Fund” will now be referred to as “Designated Funds in all documents of this Congregation.


 It was announced that Tom Baron will attend the October Council Meeting to address 2012 Benevolences and that each Council Member should review the Benevolence Packet prior.


A motion was made by Marian Hutchens seconded by Dick Ruohoniemi to adjourn the meeting.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Allan Grant


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