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Serving is a great way to use our gifts to strengthen the community around us,
Here are some ways other people at Prince of Peace are using their talents to do just that

Prince of Peace Called Story:


basic1-110_star_favorite-512 God’s Footprints

Sometimes it’s hindsight – seeing clearly how God has carried us through unexpected events – that strengthens our faith.



Jim Knuckey, a longtime member, has experienced several of those events in his life.

A poignant reminder that God would always be there for him began in 1953 when Jim was 17 years old. He was working his last day on the kitchen crew at Camp Lake Hubert girls’ camp in Brainerd. With his whole life in front of him, his thoughts were on upcoming football and hockey. He suddenly became very ill, unconscious, and was taken to the local hospital. For three weeks Jim was paralyzed and had only his eye movements and use of his vocal cords. He remembers looking straight ahead at the wall to a crucifix that brought him comfort and helped focus his prayers. Every day a nun visited him and prayed with him. Jim made progress and soon overcame the diagnosis of Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome without complications. It seemed like an ordinary healing, one we often take for granted, that happens to many of us with the help of good doctors and medication.

Years later this took on new meaning when Jim visited Brainerd and a friend went to the emergency room. While
in the waiting room, Jim discovered a quiet alcove and upon opening the door to it, was overcome with emotion. On the wall in front of him was the same crucifix and next to the crucifix was the picture of the nun. The realization sank in! God was in control and at work in 1953, in events following and in his friend’s situation. Throughout his life, Jim has experienced God’s love and grace through his heart attacks and the rare stroke of his young grandson. He has also experienced
the unbelievable goodness and support of others during his grandson Zach’s ongoing recovery and therapy at Courage Center. He has seen God turn heartbreak and despair into good. Jim says, “Nothing in the world happens without the Lord’s hand. I believe HE has been with me every step of my life.”

Out of faith, Jim has served his community and church:

  • State Jaycee president and national VP
  • Organizer of Brooklyn Park Hockey Ass’n
  • Member of our city’s capitol improvement planning team
  • Helped secure funding for North Hennepin CC
  • Member of POP Stewardship Committee
  • Board Member at Lake Wapo Bible Camp
  • Organizer of CEAP, POP CEAP Committee Member
  • Planner for 2 POP sanctuaries
  • BP “Outstanding Young Man



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With Faith and Grace



1 Corinthians 12:27 – All of you together are Christ’s body,
and each one of you is a separate and necessary part of it.

In their hearts, they know it’s right! “Doing our part and helping even one person makes us feel good,” said Faith and Grace Dube, 14 year-old ninth-graders at Champlin Park High School. Their lives are a “culture of serving”, so for them it is normal and helps them appreciate what they have. Their brother and parents do it, organizations at their school promote service, and so do their other activities like Girl Scouts and their soccer team. They have tied blankets, had birthday parties at Feed My Starving Children, worked with “Secret Santa” at an elementary school, and served meals and washed dishes at Loaves and Fishes in Brooklyn Center.

Sunday School, choir, and our church community have grown their faith, so Faith and Grace anticipate needs and ask to help. They usher and greet for services, wrap and pack Operation Christmas Child boxes, help at POPS Camp, make sandwiches for 363 Days, and paint church windows at Christmas! Faith and Grace think God uses young people because they have so many friends with whom to share, and not all kids are raised in a culture of faith and service. At school, they share their faith in small ways:

  • Attending devotions with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Smiling at a classmate who attends Loaves and Fishes meals
  • Practicing kindness and inclusiveness to others
  • Inviting friends to help serve the meals even though the response may be, “Ewwww!”

Someday, they would like to go on a mission trip, help in Sunday School, or maybe even play their instruments in church. Their parents, Chuck and Denise Dube, feel service will provide the girls food for thought as they mature in their faith. But Faith and Grace are already a great example of faith in action!


Returning Blessings


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  • Darrel has served on the CEAP board of directors and just left the treasurer position recently.
  • Delivered Meals on Wheels for CEAP.
  • Loved working at CEAP as food shelf volunteers a few days a week.
  • Deliver Prince of Peace donations to CEAP.
  • Honored as WCCO Good Neighbors for their work at CEAP.
  • Former Thrivent Northwest Minneapolis Chapter board member
  • Sunday Morning experience leaders. They love greeting members on the 3rd week of the month at church. Darrel especially loves giving high fives.
  • Call committee for Prince of Peace.
  • Former Brooklyn Park Lions Club.
  • Planning future endeavors, including helping Service people. They are always asking what is next to be involved with.
  • Have given home communion to some members.

Darrel remembers skiing in Europe while he was in the Service. First thing one morning he was at the top of the slopes overlooking the valley and the beauty of it all. His prayer of praise at that moment was “Thank you Lord for allowing me to experience something like this.” Since then he has tried not to take anything for granted.

While working at Medtronic, Darrel remembers delivering a Christmas dinner to a family. The apartment was nearly empty. They brought dinner over as well as some gifts to for the family. One of the children said to his parents : “see we are going to have a present for Christmas” This broke Darrel’s heart and he thought “I wish we could do so much more”.

Darrel and Muriel shared that they often look at each other and remind themselves how blessed they are, it is because of these blessings,
they want to give back.