Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2017

Present: Pastor Chad Brekke, Pastor Natalia Terfa, Lynn Anderson, Melissa Johnson, Julia Sevald, Mike Isenberg, Jeff Hanson, Cole Antilla, Richard Habstritt, Dale Emter

Absent: Allan Grant, Linda Forkey, Scott Reitz

Guest: Bill Fredrick

 Call to Order: Vice President Lynn Anderson called the meeting to order.

Devotions: Richard Habstritt led us in devotions.

 Adoption of Agenda: A motion was made by Dale Emter and seconded by Jeff Hanson to adopt the Council agenda.  Motion approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: A motion was made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Richard Habstritt to approve the minutes from the August 15, 2017 Council meeting as written.  Motion approved.

Guest Report:

  • Bill attended the council meeting to talk about the nominations for the 2018-19 Council:
    • Council Positions:
      • President – Allan Grant
      • Vice President – Lynn Anderson
      • Secretary – Melissa Johnson
      • Treasurer – Julia Sevald
      • Community Life – Patti Amstrup
      • Sunday Morning Experience – Joel Oden
      • Outreach – Jodi Spoden
      • Youth – Rachael Follestad and Cole Antilla
    • Committee Positions:
      • Leave a Legacy – Denise Dube
      • Nominating Committee
        • Mike Gilbertson
        • Richard Habstritt
        • Rachel Henderson
        • Cathy Krogstad
        • Sue LaGue
        • Matt Wild
      • Synod Assembly
        • Larry and Lynn Anderson
        • Mike and Allison Isenberg

Reports of Officers:

Treasurer’s Report:

Notable September activity:

  • For the month of September, receipts were lower than expenses.
    • The general/building fund activity for the month was a loss of $3,283. This is favorable to prior year by $13,885.
    • Total September offerings were higher than last year by $5,754. We have received $3,405 in September 2017 from our special appeal with $7,355 received year to date.
    • Overall, expenses are lower than last year by $5,444. The favorability to prior year is mainly related to the timing of benevolence payments and repairs expense.
  • For September year to date, receipts are lower than expenses, resulting in a YTD loss of $52,510. This is unfavorable to prior year by $2,935.
  • The general fund cash balance available for use dipped below zero in September, however significant HVAC expenses that were expensed to the general fund will be moved against the designated funds for this purpose during October.
  • The only designated funds with significant activity in September was the Adult Mission Trip fund.
  • October will be the last month that Angel’s Daycare Center will occupy space in our building.

The executive team is reviewing and discussing options to help support and strengthen the financial position as the summer months have been more financially difficult than originally anticipated.

 As a council, we discussed:

  • The church has an app called Give Plus for giving to the church – we will get this information out to the congregation. It is an option other than Simply Giving.
  • Can we get envelopes to the people who are on Simply Giving for special Sundays/services such as Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas, Lent, etc…

President’s Report:

  • The December meeting (December 19th) will be the holiday gathering and will be held at Allan and Diane Grant’s house (10148 Chestnut Circle N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443). They will provide the main course as well as paper products and beverages. Everyone should bring a dish (appetizer, salad, side, or dessert) to share. Spouses/significant others are welcome. We will start with a short check in for full council at 6:30 and eat immediately after.

Vice-President’s Report:

A motion was made by Melissa Johnson and seconded by Mike Isenberg to approve the following Leave a Legacy requests:

  • Alyssa Holbeck requested 5,000 to support her internship with Campus Crusade for Christ in Peru. Leave a Legacy approved $500.
  • Jeff Hanson requested $1,768 to order shades for the sanctuary. Leave a Legacy approved the entire request.
  • Allan Grant requested $2,200 for the renewal of overgrown landscape in the parking lots. Leave a Legacy approved the entire request.

Secretary’s Report


 Ministry Team Reports

 Property Report

Current Projects

  • HVAC – Marsh
  • North Garden – Leave a legacy, Boy Scouts and volunteers
  • Window covering – Jack Zimmer
  • Roof leak – Bill Fredrick is working with Insurance CompanyNext 12 Months (This year)
  •  Roof bubbling
  • Tree in courtyard
  • Tuck point building
  • Clean holding pond south sideShort Term (5 Years)
  •  Security lights
  • Computer-operated thermostat
  • Computer-operated lighting
  • LED lighting out side of building
  • Fire alarm panel
  • West metal door separating
  • South metal door not closingLong Term (10 Years)
  • Parking lot
  • Carpet replacement
  • Replace Boiler system
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Scott had been meeting with Natalia to work on a vision for this team. He will talk more about it next month.


 Sunday Morning Experience

  • Head Usher meeting will be scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 5 from 11:30am-12:30pm. Discussion to include a) welcoming new Head Ushers, b) coordinate scheduling, c) review duties, and d) set date for CPR and 1st Aid Training. New Head Ushers are Dave Keller, Frank Clinton, and Darrel Wyszynski (one short of goal). Chuck Krych is retiring so there are now 10 total. On the job training is underway for new head ushers.
  • Visitor & New Member Welcoming in coordination with Spiritship Committee is still a goal for this year.
  • 10:30am Worship Wrap Up did resume in October.
  • SME Fall Social was conducted Monday, Oct. 16 for small but participative group of 10. Discussion was “Ice-breakers – How can we engage with people we don’t know at church?”
  • Pew Organization & Clean Up is being coordinated by Elaine Zimmer with Karla & Dianne
  • WE Teams welcomed new volunteers from Rally day, and are doing the same for recent Sunday School pledges provided by Katie (thank you). WE Team numbers continue to grow in 2017.
  • Next SME Team Meeting is Monday 11/0217 at 6:00 pm (Devotional = Laura)


Upcoming Project Planning

  • Blood Drive – September 25 – Craig
    • Half of the spots are filled with two more Sunday sign-up sessions to go.
    • Craig will call past donors as needed to fill spots. Jodi can assist with calling if needed
  • Jeans and Junk – October 15 – Sue LaGue
    • We have reserved a table in the Welcome Center for volunteer check-in. Jodi to contact Sue for any additional support needed from the Outreach team
  • Park Brook Reading Buddies – October TBD – Lori Clausen
    • Lori had several volunteers sign up at Rally Sunday. She will contact the school to arrange a start date.
  • Avenues Monthly Birthday Celebrations – Jodi
    • One birthday for September; Quadedric. Greg Spoden dropped off cake, ice cream and gift card on Sept 13.
  • Trunk and Treat – October 28 – Katie Rykal
    • Richard plans to participate.
    • Jodi offered Outreach assistance to Katie if she needs our help.
    • Volunteers should plan for about 150 kids.
  • CEAP – POP Volunteer Coordinator needed
    • Ken Lundgren is resigning. Jodi to contact Ken for more information on the position to help us recruit for his replacement.

Potential New Project

  • Days for Girls
    • We did some further research and learned that they don’t have a need for a group assembly type projects. The greater need is awareness and fundraising. We decided to hold off doing a project with them for now.
  • Outreach Fair
    • We brainstormed a bit about potential other projects we may want to do this year or next. One idea was to do an Outreach fair featuring several local and internationally focused organizations with the intent to raise awareness, recruit volunteers, donors, etc. We will continue to brainstorm on this or other ideas in the upcoming meetings.

Completed Project Reports

  • Park Brook School Supply Collection – August 23
    • Cathy and Craig delivered 6 laundry baskets full of donated school supplies. Park Brook was thrilled to receive them. Thanks, so much Cathy and Craig!
  • Park Brook Open House – August 30
    • Cathy and Craig assisted Katie Rykal. Thanks much to the three of you for promoting POP Youth Activities
  • Rally Sunday – September 10
    • Craig, Cathy, Sally, Richard, Lori and Jodi took turns staffing the Outreach booth. We had more traffic this year than last year and had several people sign-up for the blood drive and Park Brook activities. We also recruited one volunteer for Avenues. Thanks to all who represented the Outreach team.
  • Medical Supplies to Liberia – August 29

Jo Fachman, Greg Spoden, and Jodi helped Frank Clinton and his sister and husband load up and deliver a U-haul trailer of donated medical supplies to Global Health Ministries in Fridley. They are delivering a shipment of supplies to Liberia in mid-September and had some extra room for the supplies Frank has been collecting. The much-needed supplies will be delivered to Phebe Hospital and Sanoyea Clinic. Jodi to follow-up with GHM for a shipment status. Thanks Jo and Greg. What a blessing this will be to the staff and patients.

Community Life

  • Sunday October 15 at noon will feature a get together at Mad Jack’s for the Packers at Vikings game. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend but luckily Natalia will be there to hopefully cheer the Vikings on to a victory. Also hopefully there will be a good number in attendance so that it can become an annual event.
  • On Wednesday October 25 at 6pm there will be a jointly sponsored video on the Reformation shown at Prince of Peace. I’m not sure if the details are finalized yet but Community Life is obviously willing to pitch in on any help that is needed.
  • Also on a side note, the Refugee Mentor Team will be meeting for an update with LSS regarding our sponsored family. If anyone has any questions before or after the meeting, I’d be happy to address them

Congregational Care



Staff Reports:

Children and Family Ministry:


  • Bible Sunday was a great way to kick-off our Sunday School year. It is also so inspiring to see all three age groups up front together receiving the Bibles from the Congregation.



  • Sunday School is officially up and running and the excitement/busyness on Sunday mornings has definitely returned. We have some new teachers this year which is always encouraging, and we also have many returning teachers staying with the classes they have been with for years.
  • Sunday School also continues to bring in new families every year and they have been great additions to Prince of Peace.
  • As I write this I am “ALMOST” ready to be gone on Maternity leave, but by the time it is sent out I am hoping that I am COMPLETELY ready to be gone on Maternity leave. Things are still on track to deliver towards the end of October.
    • Haley Reiser will be doing a majority of the Sunday morning responsibilities, including Kids Time. Brent Haglund will do Kids Time on occasion if Haley is unavailable. IF I go before October 22nd, Rachael Follestad will be doing Family Worship Sunday as Haley is going to be out of town.
    • Katie Hines will be directing the Sunday School Christmas program
    • Pr. Natalia and Brent will help cover anything that comes up during the week as Haley has a full-time job that will not allow her to put in “office hours” during the regular work day.
    • Melissa Johnson and a team of parents will be putting the Trunk-or-Treat event on for the Community
    • A team of parents will work together to do the CEAP Toy Drive

Youth and Family Ministry:

Axis is underway. Our 7th graders had an awesome afternoon of bonding at the end of September on the high ropes course at Base Camp. Axis for all grades began Oct. 4th, we started with worship led by Nate & were joined by parents & Revolution (high school) kids.

Parents were equipped & encouraged to do devotions at home using the FAITH 5 model.

We also communicated the changes taking place of Axis becoming 6-8th grade & Affirmation of Baptism (confirmation) being celebrated on Baptism of Our Lord Sunday going forward. The whole write up is attached & can be found on the website, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EOXah2LVD2yBU2wJFRiAYjQRZdmrbdSppm4JlgYA8jE/edit?usp=sharing

Revolution is under the awesome leadership of Jeff Amstrup (although he is scaling back to a couple weeks a month), Jenny Young & Stacey Rudolph. Although they’re continuing the worship, discussion, service, & fellowship rotation, a higher emphasis on meeting outside of church is in place. We are also seeking for this group to grow in their language of faith (being able to articulate their beliefs & how they shape their lives) & prayer. We are implementing smaller “prayer partner/groups” at the end of each night as opposed to always asking for one person to pray for the whole group.

New this year, our high school retreat will be done in partnership with a few other congregations from the metro & we’ll be going to Gustavus Nov. 4-5


Pastoral Reports:

Pastor Chad’s Report:

  • Pastor Chad is going to be putting together a call committee for the Fall Stewardship Campaign. It will be a way to make direct contact with our entire church roster.
  • Give to the Max is right around the corner. This will be a way to “catch up” a bit.
  • Chad has been in contact with some people to possibly utilize our space for daycare once the current daycare vacates the space.
  • Confirmation will be January 7th on Baptism or our Lord Sunday. The daughter of Paul Oman will be a part of this service.
  • Christmas Eve Schedule: 9:30am, 5:00pm, 9:00pm
    • They will all be Christmas Eve services with the 5:00 and the 9:00 being candlelight services.

Pastor Natalia’s Report:

  • Fall is in full swing, and we’re gearing up for Advent & Christmas. Natalia can’t believe how quickly this fall is going! We will have some schedule changes in December, going to one morning service at 9:30am on December 10, December 17, December 24th and December 31st. Phew! We’ll also worship at 5pm and 9pm on Christmas Eve. We will go back to our regular two worship schedule on January 7th, though that will be our Affirmation of Baptism at 10:30am. What a busy season we’re in!
  • GroupLife’s fall session is cruising along, and conversations are flowing. Natalia has gotten a lot of great feedback on how much people are enjoying really digging into some reformation and Lutheran theology. If you’d like a copy of the curriculum, let her know! We will break, as usual, from Thanksgiving through the New Year.
  • The Women’s Retreat was a great event. About 45 women showed up for a morning of food and conversation and lifting each other up. Thanks so much to the team for all their work!
  • We are still looking ahead to the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation and we’ll have a movie event “Rick Steve’s Reformation” on Wednesday the 25th. Plan on attending with us and bring your reformation questions!
  • Pastoral Acts (September 15-October 15): Funerals: 0  Weddings: 0  Baptisms: 3

Unfinished Business:


New Business:

  • Thanksgiving Eve service will be announced a few weeks ahead of time and people will be asked to bring pies to enjoy after the sandwich making.
  • Veteran’s Day Celebration will be coming up on November 12th. The SME Committee will put this on.
  • Dale mentioned that he works for a company that has matching funds and matching hours available and volunteers could be available to help out with projects at church. This is a relatively small group of 7-8 people. This is something that would take place during the work week. We discussed that any grounds related projects would be helpful and there could be possible opportunities at Brooklyn Avenues, as well.

Action Items:

  • We will meet in November as a full council to review the budget. The meeting will be November 21st at 7:00pm. Jeff will have devotions.
  • The budget meeting for the congregation will be Sunday, December 3rd at 10:00 in the CLC.

Highs and Lows:

  • Julia has a friend who went in for a hip replacement and passed away. Please pray for Patrick and his family.
  • Jeff Hanson’s daughter lost her baby a month into her pregnancy. This is the third time in a year and a half. Please pray for Sara.
  • Sam and Layla are on the way to Milwaukee and will be spending a week in Michigan. Prayers for safe travels.

A motion was made by Dale Emter and seconded by Julia Sevald to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Johnson

Council Secretary

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