October 2011 Council Minutes

October 2011 Council Minutes

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting

October 18, 2011 (Approved)

 Present:  Tom Heinrich, Dick Ruohoniemi, Bill Fredrick, Pastor Chad Brekke, Pastor Jim Carlson, Lynn Bohm, Marian Hutchens, Charlie Olson, Mary Gilleshammer,  Cindi Lindquist, Kim Cozad and Allan Grant  Absent:  Pastor Hal Stoa , Chuck Krych. Guest: Tom Barron

 Call to Order:  President Tom Heinrich called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

 Devotions: Lynn Bohm led opening devotions.

 Adoption of Agenda:  A motion was made by Bill Fredrick and seconded by Marian Hutchens to adopt the Council agenda.  Agenda was approved.

 Approval of Previous Minutes:  A motion was made by Cindi Lindquist and seconded by Mary Gilleshammer to approve the minutes from the September 20, 2011 Council meeting as written.  Motion approved.

 2011/2012 Benevolence Report/Update:  Tom Barron from the Giving Ministry Team shared the 2011 budget benevolence report and provided information regarding possible 2012 benevolences.  It is the practice at Prince of Peace to distribute dollars to the various ministries that we have chosen to support throughout the year as the budget allows, and the Council would like this to continue.  The Council gave preliminary support for recommendations for 2012 benevoleces to the ministries in the report. 

 Pastor Chad asked several clarifying questions and pointed out that within the ELCA the idea of benevolences is understood to be the giving to the ELCA.  The giving to other ministries would be understood to be our local ministry support.

Reports of Officers:

 Treasurer’s Report:  September receipts were almost $3,800 over budget.  The funds from the “I’m In” Special Gifts has now been transferred to the General Fund.  Disbursements were $32,109 less than receipts.  This is because of the “I’m In” Special Gifts receipts otherwise receipts would have been $3,200 below disbursements.  The Building Fund was $1,747 below what is needed for the month so there was a transfer of $1,000 from the General Fund Contingency Fund to the Building Fund.  This leaves the General Fund Contingency Fund at $1,000.

 A motion was made to accept the Treasure’s Report by Bill Fredrick and seconded by Lynn Bohm.  Motion approved.

 President’s Report: 

There will be a slight change in the Sunday morning Council Reps procedures.  In the past the Council Reps were at a designated spot in the Welcome Center, however, in the future the Council Reps will be identified and will be mingling throughout the Welcome Center engaging in conversations with the members.

 President Heinrich shared the many positive comments he has received regarding the direction of the congregation the past few months.

 Vice-President’s Report:  The Leave a Legacy balance as of September 24, 2011 in the Lutheran Community Foundation is $158,421.10 and the Premier Bank Money Market balance is $9,567.50.  The committee has agreed that $8,400 is the amount of available donations for 2012 from the Leave a Legacy Fund. 

On Tuesday, November 15, 2011 Thrivent for Lutherans will present a program entitled “Life Events” the seminar will begin at 7:00 PM in the CLC.  The seminar is designed for all ages and will help guide parents through the many challenges of their financial life. 

 All Saints’ Day plans are underway for November 6th, which include altar flowers and treats.  Donations will be encouraged for the LAL Fund.

 Pastor’s Report:

 Pastor Chad:  Pastor Chad provided a written report which will be attached to the official minutes.  In summary, Pastor Chad has begun working with and observing the office and ministry staff.  He says that he is thrilled with the team he is leading. He reports that in several cases, he cannot imagine finding a more gifted, committed and competent person to fill their prospective positions even if we were to do a national search.  He is trying to attend as many ministry team and other meetings as possible until he has met with every team/committee at least once.  He reminded council and staff that he is always open to hear any and all feedback related to the ministry we share and his leadership as we move into this transition together.

 Lutheran Church in Tanzania Overview:  Pastor Chad presented an opportunity to expand our international outreach ministries to include a partnership with the Lutheran Church in Tanzania where he has many ministry connections.  The vision for this ministry has been enthusiastically embraced by the POP Global Mission Team.  The first big opportunity for POP members to get involved will be the Vision Trip to Tanzania lead by Pastor Chad, which is scheduled for June 20-July 5, 2012.  Pastor Chad reports those who have been blessed to participate in a Vision Trip to Africa are never quite the same when they return. An expanded vision of the role of the Lutheran church in the world, the profound experience of being so warmly welcomed by people who appear to have so little, lasting friendships established with folks who may live in mud huts or cement shacks on the other side of the world…these are just a few of the amazing blessings which linger long after the Vision Trip ends. Participants also spend several days experiencing the breathtaking natural beauty of Africa and her wildlife out on safari in the vast Serengeti Plains and the Ngorongoro Crater.  He shared this ministry with the Executive Committee and they are excited and support the expansion of Prince of Peace’s outreach.

 A motion to support the exploration of funding and the expansion of Prince of Peace’s Global Ministry was made by Allan Grant and seconded by Dick Ruohoniemi.  Motion approved. 

  Pastor Jim:  Pastor Jim provided a written report which will be attached to the official minutes. In summary Pastor Jim reported on the number of visitations he has conducted, He also reported that he attended the Cursillo Retreat and continues to work with Nikk VanLiew to assure that the screens are working properly for worship.  He also reported that he is preparing Wednesday night adult classes for November through February.  The first will be a “Walk through the Old Testament” which will follow the 7th and 8th grade confirmation classes.

Pastor Hal:  Pastor Hal submitted a written report which will be attached to the official minutes.  He is at St. Timothy’s of Columbia Heights Council Meeting this evening.  He reports that he continues his commitment to Prince of Peace.  He reported that the Stewardship Campaign kicks off October 30th.  Pastor Hal will return to POP to preach on the theme of this years Stewardship Campaign “Good and Faithful” on Sunday, October 30th.  The campaign will end on November 20th when the estimate of giving cards will be received and blessed.

Council Reports:   Each Ministry Team is to submit a written report each month.  These will be attached to the official minutes.  Highlights will be included in these Minutes.

 Executive Team:  Committee Goal Review:  The Executive Committee members reviewed the 2011 goals and discussed possible 2012 goals.  The direction for 2012 will be finalized in December.

Sunday Morning Experience Enhancement:  The Sunday Morning Experience Ministry held 2 successful WE Team orientation meetings.  At their October 5th meeting they reviewed their goals and successes for the year.  The Veteran’s Sunday is being moved to November 20th due to the Stewardship plans on November 13th.  They are requesting that all veterans complete a profile and submit them to the church office by 23rd October.  They reported that they have begun to plan for 2012 goals for the committee.

 Congregational Care:  The Congregational Care Ministry will conduct New Member Orientations in January and April/May of 2012.

 Community Life:  The Community Life Ministry reported on their upcoming activities including:  “A Not So Silent Night” will be held on Saturday December 10th with Family crafts and cookie exchange at 4:30 PM, Dinner at 5:30 PM and a worship service and Christmas Carol sing along at 6:30 PM.

Spiritual Development:  The team reviewed current and past ministries that were developed in 2010.  ACTS (Adult Christian Teaching and Sharing), POP Gourmet, Men’s Activities in Christ and Young Adult Ministry formally known as “Soulfire”.  ACTS will begin a 6 week study on October 16th.  This study will take place during each worship service.  Their meetings will be on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 11:30 AM.

 Outreach:   The team is seeking leaders and exploring participation in the “Beyond the Yellow Ribbon” program that supports veterans and family members of deployed service personnel in the community.

 Unfinished Business:  None 

 New Business:

 2012 Budget Planning Timeline:  It was reported that all departments and ministries of POP should have submitted their proposed budgets for 2012 to the Business Administrator, Charlie Olson.  Those that have not will be contacted by Dick Ruohoniemi.  Council members are requested to review line items of the budget and should present any questions, comments and suggestions regarding disbursements to Charlie by the end of October.  The Executive Committee will review at their November meeting and Council will finalize the proposed budget at the November Council Meeting.  The Executive Committee has indicated that using early projections, the 2012 budget would be approximately $42,000 below what is needed unless the members “step-up” and increase their pledges in the Stewardship Campaign.

 Council members were reminded to begin to plan for their year end reports that will become part of the Annual Meeting documents.  Lynell Keller will provide written report due dates.  Please submit your reports to the church office by the due date.

  A motion was made by Mary Gilleshammer seconded by Kim Cozad to adjourn the meeting.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Allan Grant


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