November 2012 Council Minutes

November 2012 Council Minutes

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting

November 20, 2012 (Approved)


Present:  Tom Heinrich, Jennifer Follestad, Bill Fredrick, Pastor Chad Brekke, Julia Sevald,   Mary Gilleshammer, Bev Alsleben, Dan Cassada, Chuck Krych, and Allan Grant.  

Absent: AIM Natalia Terfa and Dan Ficken

Guests: Heidi Grell and Lief Klang


Call to Order:  President Tom Heinrich called the meeting to order.


Devotions:  Chuck Krych led the opening devotions.


Adoption of Agenda:  A motion was made by Chuck Krych and seconded by Mary Gilleshammer to adopt the Council agenda as presented.  Motion approved.


Approval of Previous Minutes:  A motion was made by Dan Cassada and seconded by Julia Sevald to approve the minutes from the October 16 Council meeting as written.  Motion approved.


Summary of Boy Scout Program:  Lief Klang, Charter Organization Representative to Boy Scout Troop 542 shared with the council highlights of the Boy Scout Troops activities and thanked Prince of Peace for being the Charter Organization for the troop.  He offered the service of the Scouts for a variety of activities and stated that the Troop was here to assist Prince of Peace in many ways.


Reports of Officers

Treasurer’s/Business Administrator’s Report:  Notable October activity:

  • ·        October envelope offerings were slightly lower than budgeted.  Total October receipts are unfavorable to budget by $13,114.  Additionally, disbursements are favorable to budget by $1,952.  The general fund activity for the month was a loss of $9,850.  This is unfavorable to budget for the month and unfavorable to prior year (gain of $9,364 in October 2011).
  • ·        Year to date receipts are still unfavorable to budget by $18,832.  However, disbursements are favorable to budget by $50,336 resulting in an overall positive variance to budget YTD of $31,504.
  • ·        The designated fund with significant activity in October was Adult Mission Trips.
  • ·        The entire amount of the mortgage reserve balance was transferred to the general fund in August to cover the building fund shortfall year to date.  This account will need to be replenished to its full amount of $30,000 at the end of the year.
  • ·        The budgeting process for 2013 is in full swing.  Kathy Arveson & I met Monday to discuss the first draft of the budget. 


A motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Bev Alsleben and seconded by Dan Cassada.  Motion approved.


  • ·        2013 Budget Planning Update:  Kathy Arveson and Julia Sevald have prepared a draft 2013 budget and it has been reviewed by the Executive Committee.  Julia shared the draft budget with the full council for further discussion.  A final budget will be provided to the congregation prior to the Special Congregational Meeting on December 16, 2012.


President’s Report:

  • ·        Special Congregational Meeting:  Reminder that there will be a Special Congregational Meeting December 16, 2012 to approve the 2013 budget and to consider three constitutional amendments relating to term limits for the treasurer, council members and nominating committee members.  The meeting will begin at 11:45 AM.
  • ·        Annual Meeting Reports:  Reports for the Annual Meeting are due to Lynell Keller by December 28, 2012.
  • ·        Council Retreat:  The 2013 Council Retreats will be held on Saturday February 9 and Saturday April 20, 2013.  Each retiring council member is asked to meet with the new council member prior to the retreat to help train the new members.  There will be some pre-reading required of those attending the February retreat.
  • ·        Reminder of Council Christmas Party:  The Heinrich will be hosting the council and staff at their home on December 18th.  A short council meeting will take place beginning at 6:30PM.


Vice-President’s Report:

  • ·        Leave a Legacy Update:  The total reported balance of funds in the Lutheran Community Foundation account is approximately $161,851.  The total reported balance of funds in the Premier Bank Money Market account is approximately $10,226.  The 2012 disbursements from the Fund were:

Nursery Paging System                                     $ 700.00

Retired Men’s Group Supplies/Nursery             $ 200.00

West Haven Orphanage                                                $ 1,000.00

363 days Sandwich Making Supplies                            $ 1,000.00

Quilters                                                                        $1,200.00

CLC Fan and lights                                                       $2,100.83


Total 2012 disbursement                                               $ 6,200.83


  • ·        Leave a Legacy Proposed Withdrawals for 2013:  The Endowment Fund Trustees are recommending in 2013 that $8,500 or 5% of the total fund be distributed through grants.

A motion was made to approve the 2013 Endowment Fund distribution of $8,500 by Julia Sevald and seconded by Dan Cassada.  Motion approved.


  • ·        Leave a Legacy recommendations for requested funding:  The Endowment Fund trustees are recommending to the full Council for their approval the following grants:


  • ·        First Aid training for head ushers and staff: $ 800.00 (2012 grant. 

A motion to approve the distribution of $800 from the 2012 allocated funds for the First Aid training was made by Allan Gant and seconded by Dan Cassada.  Motion approved.

  1. 1.      Property Committee:  $2,100 for a new 28-inch vacuum cleaner for the Church. 
  2. 2.      Mission Jamaica:  $1,000 for equipment donations to the Mission Jamaica Program (medical supplies, personal care items, etc)

A motion to approve $2,100 for a new 28-inch vacuum cleaner and $1,000 for Mission Jamaica for equipment at supplies was made by Dan Cassada and seconded by Julia Sevald.  Motion approved.


Secretary’s Report: 

  • ·        Response to e-mails:  Council members are reminded to please respond to request for approval of minutes and submitting reports each month in a timely manner.


Pastoral Reports: 

Pastor Chad’s Report:   

Here are a few items of note as we move out of one season and into the next:

  • ·        Planning for the Advent and Christmas season is well underway.  After a good discussion among all the staff, it has been decided that we will stick with the same Christmas Eve worship schedule as last year. 
  • ·        We are also beginning our planning for the Lenten season. 
  • ·        Our fall worship season has been filled with great attendance and enthusiasm.  All of our staff and many volunteers continue to do a fantastic job creating a welcoming atmosphere on Sunday mornings.
  • ·        The early response to our fall stewardship emphasis has been faithful and encouraging.  The congregation embraced the JumpStart campaign which has now moved into Reflecting Grace In Giving.
  • ·        The work has begun on our new church signs.  The old signs have deteriorated over the years and have limited functionality. The new signs will allow us to share all church services and events with the thousands of people who pass by the church each week. 


AIM Natalia’s Report:

  1. 1.      GroupLife is finishing it’s first session, and things went really well. Most (I haven’t heard from everyone yet) are re-upping to lead groups, and hopefully we’ll grab a few more!  We’re having our first GroupLife celebration on November 25th, between services with treats and some time to reflect and get people fired up to jump back in!  Our next session starts the week of January 6th, and I’m currently working on curriculum based on 6 Nooma videos.  It’s going to be great!
  2. 2.      Visitation and Service Saturdays are going well and I’ve loved being a part of both of these teams.
  3. 3.      Looking forward to Advent and what we can do to celebrate in and outside of the church building.  I’ve talked to Luke Woodard about working on the window (he’s a young artist in our congregation looking for ways to use his gifts here) and we’re going to do a congregation-wide “light it up” activity for the 4 weeks of Advent that is looking to be a TON of fun and really great for POP.  This is on top of speaking to the worship enhancement team about welcome center and worship center decorations, and working with the Outreach team on our next service Saturday at POP.  Advent and Christmas are going to be great!


Council Reports

Each ministry team is to submit a written report each month.  These will be attached to the official minutes.  Highlights will be included in these minutes.


Executive Team:  No Report


Spiritual Development: 

  • ·        The Fall Small Groups are just completing our Animate series.  It has gone very well from the feedback we received.  In addition, our IRev Youth Study (High School) also did it and the reception was very good.
  • ·        With over a 100 church members participating, and continuing to participate when we reconvene in January, we believe this was an outstanding success for the Spiritual Growth team. 
  • ·        Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Pastor Chad will present a series on Lutheranism on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm. in the Chapel.


Sunday Morning Experience: 

  • ·       All WE Team Captains have been on a tour of the facility in and around the Worship

Center to identify the locations of all fire alarms, first aid kits and AED machines.

  • ·       CPR/AED training is scheduled for all WE Team Captains, Head Ushers and POP Staff

on November 29, 2012.

  • ·       Committee planned, coordinated and carried out a successful recognition of our

veterans and active duty military on Veterans Day.

  • ·       Melissa Sider will be stepping down as the chair of our SME committee. Many thanks

to Melissa for her positive, energetic and faithful leadership. Melissa is not going

anywhere, just doing different things as part of the POP family.

  • ·       Chuck Krych has stepped up to chair our committee going forward and will begin as

his council tenure ends in January 2013.


Congregational Care: 

  • ·       Ministries under Congregational Care include New Member Orientation, New Member Fellowship Friends, Parish Nurse, Precious in God’s Sight, Prayer Chain, Weddings, Funerals, Befrienders, Visitation, and others.



  • ·       November’s Service Saturday was a huge success.  There was a great turnout at Park Brook and volunteers completed painting the office and raking the courtyard. 
  • ·       The Outreach Team is working on preparations to begin monthly community meals at Prince of Peace. 
  • ·       The team reviewed all the information we gathered from visits to meals at 3 churches and had discussions with POP members who have been supportive. 


Community Life: 

  • ·        We will have an Easter egg hunt, games and crafts. This event will take place the Saturday before Easter.
  • ·        The Community Life group will be helping the WOFOL group with the cookie baking on Dec 15th. We will be having crafts for the kids.
  • ·        They are looking for anyone who is interested in joining the Community Life team to please let Jennifer Follestad know


Unfinished Business:  None


New Business:  None

A motion was made by Chuck Krych and seconded by Dan Cassada to adjourn the meeting.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Allan Grant


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