May 2012 Council Minutes

May 2012 Council Minutes

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting

May 15, 2012 (Approved)


Present:  Tom Heinrich, Bill Fredrick, Pastor Chad Brekke, Dan Ficken, Julia Sevald, Bev Alsleben, Dan Cassada, Chuck Krych and Allan Grant.  Absent:  Mary Gilleshammer   


Call to Order:  President Tom Heinrich called the meeting to order.


Devotions:  Allan Grant led the opening devotions.


Adoption of Agenda:  A motion was made by Allan Grant and seconded by Dan Cassada to adopt the Council agenda as amended.  Motion approved.


Approval of Previous Minutes:  A motion was made by Dan Ficken and seconded by Chuck Krych to approve the minutes from the April 17, 2012 Council meeting as written.  Motion approved.


Reports of Officers

Treasurer’s/Business Administrator’s Report:  Notable April activity:

  • ·        April was a very favorable month for Prince of Peace due to the great attendance at the Holy Week services.  April receipts are favorable to budget by $4,739 and disbursements are favorable to budget by $16,389.  The general fund activity for the month was a gain of $26,954.  This is favorable to budget for the month and favorable to prior year (gain of $2,979 in April 2011).
  • ·        Year to date receipts are still unfavorable to budget by $14,519, however disbursements are favorable to budget by $15,621 resulting in an overall positive variance to budget YTD of $1,112. 
  • ·        The only designated fund that had significant activity for the month was the Youth Plant Sale fund.
  • ·        General fund receipts for April included $43,569 of pledged offering and $24,093 of unpledged offering.
  • ·        The new Business Administrator, Kathy Arveson, began on April 23 and is off to a great start.  Training has gone very well and I believe her skills are a very good fit for the church.

A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Bev Alsleben and seconded by Dan Cassada.  Motion approved.


President’s Report: 


  • ·        Training for Small Group Ministry point people will begin Sunday May 20, 2012.  Associate in Ministry Natalia Terfa will lead the development of Small Group Ministry at Prince of Peace.
  • ·        The Nominating Committee is working on finding a person to fill the open council position for Community Life Ministry.  They are in the process of contacting candidates at this time.


Vice-President’s Report:

Leave A Legacy Update:  The total reported balance of funds in the Lutheran Community Foundation account is approximately $166,153.  The committee reported that they have $1,100 yet to be distributed and are awaiting requests from individuals or Ministries.  These funds are to be used in 2012.  Flowers have been ordered for the Altar and members will have the opportunity to donate to the Leave A Legacy Fund for loved ones on Memorial Day weekend.


Secretary’s Report:  No Report

Pastor’s Report:  Pastor Chad reported that as we move into the spring there are many signs of new life springing up around POP.  Our worship life continues to draw people into the presence of our Lord and send them back out forgiven, comforted, challenged and inspired.  Our staff transitions are complete for the time being and everyone is settling into their new roles nicely.  Pastor Chad will be finding a Sunday in the near future where we can officially install, celebrate and bless the five people who have very recently begun serving in a new position here at POP. 


  • ·Natalia Terfa, Associate in Ministry.
  • ·Nate Bergengren, Modern Worship Arts & Media Director.
  • ·Jaime Cortez, Building/property Maintenance.
  • ·Brent Haglund, Director of Youth & Family Ministries.
  • ·Kathy Arveson, Business Administrator.


Pastor Chad stated that it is easy to see that God has richly blessed our community of faith with all we could possibly need to pursue our faithful mission and vision.  He has been actively involved in congregational ministry for more than two decades and he has not encountered a congregation with a more gifted, creative, competent, or faithful staff.


Some highlights of recent activity:


  • ·        The staff and council retreat was a good event and a great chance for our new staff to      meet or reconnect with other leaders.
  • ·        Roger Dissmeyer is doing a fantastic job as our new property chair.  He is working closely with Jaime to help the transition and to involve Jaime in a wider spectrum of building and grounds maintenance. Roger has also overseen the process of getting us supplied with necessary cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • ·        Another wonderful group of folks have come through our new member process to join the congregation.
  • ·        Pastor Chad has met with principal Scott Taylor of Park Brook Elementary to begin to strengthen our contact points with the local neighborhood.
  • ·        CEAP Sunday on April 30 was well attended and another great event showing the local impact of POP stewardship of time and resources.
  • ·        Natalia has a great running start on our small group ministry strategy with about twenty people already committed to being group leaders!
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