June 2011 Executive Team Minutes

June 2011 Executive Team Minutes

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Executive Team Meeting

June 14, 2011 (Approved)


Present:  Tom Heinrich, Bill Fredrick, Dick Ruohoniemi, Charlie Olson, Pastor Mark Bents, and Allan Grant Absent:  Pastor Jim Carlson 


Call to Order:  President Tom Heinrich called the meeting to order at 6:38 pm.


Devotions:  Pastor Bents led opening devotions.


Adoption of Agenda:  A motion was made by Dick and seconded by Allan to adopt the Agenda.  Motion approved.


Approval of Previous Minutes:  A motion was made by Dick and seconded by Allan to approve the minutes from the May 10, 2011 Executive Team meeting as written.  Motion approved.


Report of Officers:


Treasurer/Director of Operations:

April 2011 receipts excluding the Donor Directed Benevolences were $4,200 below budget.  Year to date we are almost $10,900 below budget.  There is concern that it is the 4th consecutive month below budget.  $1,000 was transferred from the General Fund Contingency Fund to the Building Fund to bring it to a positive balance.


There was discussion of when we should begin to use the Mortgage Reserve instead of the General Fund Contingency to keep the Building Fund in the positive.  Dick will bring a motion to the Council to authorize the use of up to $15, 000 of the Mortgage Reserve Fund as needed.


Tom will discuss with the Giving Ministry Chairperson their plan for the next steps to increase giving during this budget year.  


A motion was made by Bill and seconded by Allan to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented.  Motion approved.


President’s Report: 

  • ·        Call Team Report:  Tom provided the Call Team Report.  They have begun the second round of interviews and will be making a church visit on Sunday, June 19th to hear a sermon by one of the candidates.  The team is requesting prayers as they move forward in the process.
  • ·        Executive Team Goal Review:  Tom led the Executive Team members through a review of our goals. 
  • ·        Cross Communication with Teams:  Executive Board members shared reports about the meetings they attended.  Pastor Hal is assisting at St. Timothy, he will be asked to write a report for publication.




Vice President’s Report:

Leave a Legacy Report – Bill reported on the Leave a Legacy Team.  The balance of the Leave a Legacy Fund is $185,942, 27.  The committee is looking at another member seminar later in the year.  The committee will have a ministry moment on All Saints Day, November 6, 2011.


Pastor’s Reports:

Pastor Mark – Provided a written report.  Pastor Mark will hold a meeting with all worship leaders on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 to discuss worship plans for June – August.  Meetings will also be established to plan the worship themes for the rest of the year.


Pastor Mark has met with the 10:30 worship leaders and worked on plans that will be implemented during the summer months leading into fall.


He reported that he is visiting with staff members about their job descriptions and will be making recommended changes to the Executive Team and Council as they arise.


Pastor Jim was absent.


Unfinished Business:

  • Worship Improvement Discussion:  Pastor Mark will be meeting with staff on a weekly basis to enhance worship and try to have the experience move more smoothly.
  • Council Replacement for Spiritual Development:  Council member Kevin Mehnert will be moving this summer and there is a need to replace him on the Congregational Council.  The Nominating Committee has been asked to seek a replacement.  They are looking for a leader not just a representative to lead the Spiritual Development Ministry Team.
  • Executive/Member Meetings:  Pastor Mark will send out invitation on June 21st for meetings on June 28th and 29th.  These will be listening session on  these question “What can we learn from your years of leadership and how did you work through issues”
  • Update on Sound Panels:  No action.
  • July meeting schedule for Executive Team and Council:  The Executive Team will meet on July 12th but there will not be a planned meeting of the Council in July.


New Business: 

  • Report on giving units:  There is continued concern about giving.  The Giving Ministry team and sub-committees will be asked to assist in planning next steps to increase giving to meet the needs of the budget.
  • Update on lights in the front of the sanctuary:  There is continued work on these lights so that they are an enhancement to the worship area. 

A motion was made by Bill and seconded by Dick to adjourn the Executive Team meeting.  Motion approved.  The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted

Allan Grant


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