Gather at City Hall

Gather at City Hall

We just got this from Rev. Rachel:

“The BAMA Homelessness Task Force ended its work in November 2012, having completed all of its goals (the youth food shelf, recruiting host homes, establishing Families Moving Forward congregations, and educating/connecting ourselves as churches to the realities of homeless youth) except one: establishing a safehouse/shelter for kids who are out a place to stay right here in the Brooklyn Park/Center area. This has become even more critical as we’ve realized the connection between kids who are homeless and kids who are trafficked in our area – EVERY GIRL who was caught up in the ring most active in Brooklyn Park/Center over the last 2 years was identified as runaway/homeless. They were without options, and this is what happened when they had no other place to go.

Our prayers for this are being answered as I write.

On August 12, 2013, 7pm, the Brooklyn Park City Council (acting as the Economic Development Authority) will have an initial round of voting on this project; the city’s part in the partnership is to obtain the facility, which would be operated by Avenues for Youth (home of our own Suburban Host Home Program) and case managed by the YMCA. I’m there to help connect churches with this work.

WE NEED YOU if this is going to happen – if you/folks in your congregation want to see this happen, we need you in force at BP City Hall on Aug 12th @ 7:00 p.m., wearing your church gear and making sure the city council knows where you stand. They need our support if they are going to make this decision.

If you have any questions, call me (612 860 3701) or email me – I’ll also be sharing all the info I have at our next BAMA meeting (which might happen after the 12th, so that’s why you are getting this now!).

I give thanks to God for our continued partnership in the Brooklyns to bring the Kingdom that much more into the light of day for the world to see – there is a God in our land, and that God is on the move.

Rev. Rachel McIver Morey
Brooklyn Mosaic United Methodist Church
and Simpson United Methodist Church
cell: 612 860 3701

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