Exec Team Minutes Oct 2013

Exec Team Minutes Oct 2013

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2013 (Approved)

 Present:  Bill Fredrick, Sue Johnson, Pastor Chad Brekke, Julia Sevald, Kathy Arveson and Melissa Johnson

 Absent:  None


Call to Order:  President Bill Fredrick called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.


Devotions: Bill Fredrick led us in devotions.


Adoption of the Agenda:  Bill would like to add road clean-up to the agenda under the Vice President’s report. A motion was made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Melissa Johnson to approve the agenda.  Motion approved.


Approval of Previous Minutes:  A motion was made by Sue Johnson and seconded by Julia Sevald to approve the previous minutes. Motion approved.


Reports of Officers:


Treasurer/Director of Operations: 


Notable September activity:

  • ·        Total September offerings & receipts were favorable to budget by $2,643 but $1,884 unfavorable to prior year.  Disbursements are also favorable to budget by $7,553 and unfavorable to prior year by $3,212 for the month. 
  • ·        The general fund activity for the month was a gain of $4,153.  This is favorable to budget for the month but unfavorable to prior year.
  • ·        Year to date, we are still overall unfavorable to budget by $37,044 and to prior year by $57,974.  The Exec team continues to brainstorm on ways to turn this around, although this is really driven by a decrease in giving when compared against plan and prior year.  We have gained $10,196 on the budget in the month of September.
  • ·        The cash balance has dropped to ($24,996), which means we are borrowing against our designated funds for normal monthly activity. 
  • ·        Adult Mission Trips was the only designated fund with significant activity this month.

A motion was made by Sue Johnson and seconded by Melissa Johnson to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion approved.

  • ·        Kathy shared her Budget Worksheet for 2014. We will review this on our own and revisit the report at our next meeting. She will send this to us electronically.

President’s Report: 

  • ·        Property report:
    • o       Upcoming work: seal coating driveway, shampooing carpet (we may buy this and do it ourselves vs. getting this done), roofing on chapel


Vice President’s Report: 

Endowment/Leave A Legacy Update

  • ·        Sue sent out the revised bylaws for our review. One of the questions that the committee has: can any member make a motion for an amendment? If we add something that states that all amendments must first be approved by the council, that should alleviate this concern. There was also a question about the disposition or transfer of funds in the event that the church no longer exists. This should not be a problem.
  • ·        There were no requests for Leave a Legacy to approve this month.
  • ·        Highway cleanup: They were very limited in the dates that would work yet this fall. It will take place Saturday, October 19th. Sue has contacted Boy Scouts to help. Thinking of ideas for the spring – we could have the clean up right after church one Sunday. Have a “Jeans Sunday”, incorporate food (food truck) and have people stay right after church for highway cleanup. We could also incorporate other clean up ideas into this.

 Secretary’s Report: 

  • ·        No Report.

 Pastor’s Report:

Pastor Chad:

  • ·        The first several weeks of Financial Peace University have been nothing short of fantastic!  We are up to about 60 people participating in the class.  Several families are not members, which means FPU is turning out to be a wonderful outreach to our community.  Pastor Chad is talking with Brent about how we can add the youth version of FPU to our confirmation programming.
  • ·        We still have a long way to go but we are seeing some strong indications that our giving levels are moving in a positive direction.  Pastor Chad has moved to integrate our focus on faithful stewardship throughout the year rather than only a few weeks in the late fall. Several stewardship related messages have been preached throughout the summer and have continued into the fall.  Pastor Chad anticipates a strong response from our faithful congregation as people make their financial commitments for the coming year.
  • ·        Holding the confirmation service during Sunday morning worship was a powerful expression of who we are as a community of faith.  The congregation that welcomed so many of these youth on the day of their baptisms was there to surround them on the day they stood to affirm those baptismal promises at their confirmation. Many tears of gratitude flowed during that service.
  • ·        We are seeing lots of new faces around POP and there is certainly a strong sense that God is in the house with us every time we gather for worship.  It continues to be a great blessing to work with our gifted staff and lay leaders as a new future of mission and ministry unfolds in front of us.

 Unfinished Business: 

  • ·        None.


New Business: 

  • ·        None


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Sue Johnson.  Motion approved.


Respectfully submitted,


Melissa Johnson





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