Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2017

Present: Pastor Chad Brekke, Julia Sevald, Lynn Anderson, Melissa Johnson

Absent: Allan Grant

Call to Order: Vice President Lynn Anderson called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.

Devotions: Lynn Anderson led us in prayer.

Adoption of the Agenda: A motion was made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Melissa Johnson to approve the agenda.  Motion approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: A motion was made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Melissa Johnson to approve the minutes from the September 19, 2017 Executive Committee meeting. Motion approved.

Reports of Officers:

President’s Report:

  • Bill will attend Council meeting to talk about the nominations:
    • Council Positions:
      • President – Allan Grant
      • Vice President – Lynn Anderson
      • Secretary – Melissa Johnson
      • Treasurer – Julia Sevald
      • Community Life – Patti Amstrup
      • Sunday Morning Experience – Joel Oden
      • Outreach – Jodi Spoden
      • Youth – Rachael Follestad and Cole Antilla
    • Committee Positions:
      • Leave a Legacy – Denise Dube
      • Nominating Committee
        • Mike Gilbertson
        • Richard Habstritt
        • Rachel Henderson
        • Cathy Krogstad
        • Sue LaGue
        • Matt Wild
      • Synod Assembly
        • Larry and Lynn Anderson
        • Mike and Allison Isenberg


Treasurer’s Report:

Notable September activity:

  • For the month of September, receipts were lower than expenses.
    • The general/building fund activity for the month was a loss of $3,283. This is favorable to prior year by $13,885.
    • Total September offerings were higher than last year by $5,754. We have received $3,405 in September 2017 from our special appeal with $7,355 received year to date.
    • Overall, expenses are lower than last year by $5,444. The favorability to prior year is mainly related to the timing of benevolence payments and repairs expense.
  • For September year to date, receipts are lower than expenses, resulting in a YTD loss of $52,510. This is unfavorable to prior year by $2,935.
  • The general fund cash balance available for use dipped below zero in September, however significant HVAC expenses that were expensed to the general fund will be moved against the designated funds for this purpose during October.
  • The only designated funds with significant activity in September was the Adult Mission Trip fund.
  • October will be the last month that Angel’s Daycare Center will occupy space in our building.

The executive team is reviewing and discussing options to help support and strengthen the financial position as the summer months have been more financially difficult than originally anticipated.

Julia will have Wayne move the repairs into the designated funds. That will put us back into the black for the cash balance for October.

We will review the budget next month.

Vice President’s Report:

Leave a Legacy has three projects that will be brought to full council:

  • Blinds
  • Internship in Peru
  • Landscaping

Secretary’s Report: None

Senior Pastor’s Report: None

Unfinished Business: None

New Business: None

Action Items:

  • Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 21st : We will meet at 6:00pm to discuss the budget. Melissa will not be in attendance.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Melissa Johnson.  Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Melisa Johnson

Council Secretary

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