Devo: The Real You

Devo: The Real You

 John 4:5-42 (click for full reading)
“When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, “Will you give me a drink?”

The Real You

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Last week we met Nicodemus. We knew his name because Nicodemus had status, power and influence. His encounter with Jesus happened under the cover of darkness because Nicodemus did not want to put his reputation at risk.

We do not learn the name of the woman we meet this week. Her reputation is already shot so her encounter with Jesus happens in broad daylight (no pun intended!) There is no reason that these two should be having a conversation and every reason they should not be doing so. Even the disciples are shocked (and offended?) when they show up at the scene.

You see, this was a Samaritan woman and Jesus was known to be a Jewish Rabbi. That should have made them natural enemies. It’s not that Samaritans had no religion. It’s that they had the wrong religion! Even so, by the end of this encounter, the shamed Samaritan woman finds herself standing right in the middle of the kingdom of heaven. So she ran to share this incredible good news with the very community that had thrown her away like so much unwanted garbage. Just click on the link above to hear the whole story for yourself.TheWell

Questions to ponder/discuss:
1. Have you ever felt dismissed or excluded from some group? What caused you to feel that way?
2. Many people stay away from the church today because on some level they do not feel like they are “good enough” to attend worship. How might this story apply?
3. What can we learn about our mission to Grow Deep, and Reach Out from this encounter between Jesus and the woman at the well?

Spend this week looking for the woman at the well. Do you see her in your neighbor? Is she present in your own home? Can you see her in yourself? Do you have any good news to share once this person is found?

Pastor Chad

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