DEVO: Security Deposit

DEVO: Security Deposit

Matthew 25:14-30 (click for full reading)  
“After a long time the master of those slaves came and settled accounts with them “

Security Deposit
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In the Living Generously films we have watched together over the past five weeks here at Prince of Peace, Frank, the main character, has learned that true security is found, not in accumulating more than we can ever use, but in trusting God who invites us into abundant life by inviting us to live generously on behalf of those in need.

The Parable of the talents is not only about money or abilities. The central question about life is not, what did we accomplish, or, did we win? The real question is, did we trust God enough to live generously and enter into the joy of our master?Living-Generously-Logo

Questions to Ponder/Discuss
1. What kinds of risks are involved when we give our time and our money to support the mission and ministry of our church?
2. The Donovan family in our film series came to a place where they were willing to allow their generosity to impact the way they live. How does your giving impact your living?
3. Very few church members give anywhere near a tithe (10% of their income) to support the work of the church. What are some of the things that keep people from growing in their giving?
4. What are some of the ways your congregation is a blessing to your community and the world?

Pretty simple this week, it’s time for our response. If you are a member of Prince of Peace, I encourage you to watch your mail for the “giving plan” form and the letter from me. Look over the materials carefully and make your response on the simple little “giving plan.” Return the form by mailing it to the office in the included envelope or bring it to church and place it in the offering plate. Our family will be doing the same and we consider it an amazing blessing to combine our giving and serving with yours in support of the life changing ministry we share at Prince of Peace!

Pastor Chad

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