DEVO: Guard Your Dreams

DEVO: Guard Your Dreams

Acts 11:1-18
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“And as I began to speak, the Holy Spirit fell upon them just as it had upon us at the beginning”     –Acts 11:15

Guard Your Dreams & Visions
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In a dream, God gave Peter a vision that brought him together with a man named Cornelius. Cornelius was not an insider. He was, of all things, a Centurion, the Roman military leader of 100 soldiers. Not an insider. Not safe.

Peter broke with precedent and his faith tradition and shared the good news about Jesus, I mean, the precious pearl of great price.

The gospel raised Peter himself out of the depths of his own shame for denying Jesus three times. Peter shared that precious treasure with Cornelius and the whole crowd of people at his home.

This is not knocking on someone’s door to invite them to church. This is showing up at the home of an enemy who can kill you with no repercussions. It was a Roman soldier who shoved a spear into the side of Jesus as he suffered on the cross. Cornelius had a closet full of those spears.

By the end of the story, Cornelius and his whole household are baptized, and the rules about who could be welcomed into the community of faith in Christ, those rules were shattered and re-written.

This is the moment.

This is the moment it became possible for you and I to be included. The vision Peter was given in a dream now includes you. Where will you go with this Good News?Guard Your Dreams devo

Questions to Ponder or Discuss
1. Peter seemed reluctant to share the gospel with Cornelius and his household. Do you think reluctant, even doubtful messengers can still share the gospel effectively today?
2. The other believers were not thrilled that Peter had preached the good news to the enemy. Does this kind of tension still exist in the church today?
3. Did Peter’s actions make the early church less safe?

This week, be mindful of how God may be communicating with you. Through the words of a child, a stranger, a friend. During worship or small group or prayer. As you help out a person in need. God gave Peter a vision in a dream, and the world has never been the same.

See you in church!
Pastor Chad

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