DEVO: Boundaryless

DEVO: Boundaryless

Galatians 3:23-29
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But now that faith has come, we are no longer subject to a disciplinarian, for in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith.”   —Galatians 3:26-26

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When we have a week like the one we just had, it’s not easy to look around us and see anything else but how we’re different.

NO matter what you believe, how you act, what you think is right, someone thinks differently than you.

But instead of looking at those things for the ways they make us unique and beautiful in one community of faith and life, our culture is teaching us to use our differences as ways to divide, to categorize one other,  and as ways to hate each other.

We are better than this. We were created to be better than this by our God who looks at the things we use to divide ourselves and says “that is not how things work in the Kingdom of God.”

Today we are called to reconcile those things that divide us. Because today we are reminded that in our baptisms, we were made one.


And that changes things. We are “clothed with Christ.”

That means when we look at each other, we don’t see the things that make us different – we see only Christ.

Think of someone you know who is the most opposite of you in the way they think, act and believe…. Have them in mind? Do you see Christ? Do you see them as one with you?

This is SO HARD, but oh man this is so important.

Prince of Peace – we are better than the culture is asking us to be.

We are ONE. We may be different, but we are one. We are beloved children of God.

Nothing culture places on us, no category, no way to divide, will ever hold more value, or be more important than this.

And nothing will make it go away either.Bokeh Blue Orange

Questions to Ponder or Discuss
1. What categories have you been put into (either by yourself or by others)?
2. What categories have you put others into?
3. What are some ways you can see others who are different as children of God – same as you?
4. What are some ways you can live out this ONE-ness in a culture that is asking us (and telling us) to be divided?

God doesn’t need you to go out and mend a broken world. God doesn’t need you to show God’s love to the world. God doesn’t even need you to share the Gospel. God can do all this without you – but imagine if you were with God in it… imagine if you had the chance to join God already doing this work of healing division and creating the Kingdom of God here on earth?

You DO have that chance. Right now.

Go out, love the people around you who are different than you are. Refuse to buy into a culture that tells you to hate those who believe something other than what you believe.

We are different, but we are one – and we are in this together.

Pr. Natalia

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