Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting

March 18, 2014


Present:   Pastor Chad Brekke, Intern Pastor Natalia Terfa, Bill Fredrick, Melissa Johnson, Julia Sevald, Morgan Holle, Georgia Larson, Erik Hasse, Rachel Henderson, Richard Habstritt

Absent:  Sue Johnson

Guest: Candy Kvamme


Call to Order:  President Bill Fredrick called the meeting to order.


Devotions: Bill Fredrick led us in devotions.


Adoption of Agenda: A motion was made by Richard Habstritt and seconded by Morgan Holle to adopt the Council agenda.  Motion approved.


Approval of Previous Minutes:  A motion was made by Rachel Henderson and seconded by Erik Hasse to approve the minutes from the January 21, 2014 Council meeting as written.  Motion approved.


Guest Report: Candy Kvamme represented the Stewardship Committee. This year they included a place to on pledge cards for time and talents. Can we have an intentional call to go out to these people with specific volunteer opportunities?  She discussed what the Stewardship Team could do for the different ministry areas.   


Reports of Officers:

Treasurer’s Report:


Notable February activity:

  • ·         February receipts were slightly greater than expenses.  The general fund activity for the month was a gain of $837.  This is favorable to budget for the month and to prior year. 
  • ·         Total February offerings & receipts were right on budget and slightly unfavorable to prior year.  Expenses are favorable to budget by $1,940 and to prior year by $2,634 for the month.
  • ·         Year to date we are still sitting in a positive position vs. the budget and prior year.  We are $20,264 favorable to budget and $29,776 favorable to prior year.  This is mainly due to a change in the way we are accounting for our mortgage payment in order to more closely align with the Thrivent statement.  This favorability should continue throughout the year.
  • ·         The general fund cash balance remains healthy at $43,805 for the year.
  • ·         The only designated fund with significant activity for February was Adult Missions.


A motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Richard Habstritt and seconded by Erik Hasse. Motion approved.


President’s Report:

Property Committee Report:

  • Final decision was made on the security system for New Vision Daycare. We’ll go with Integrated Fire & Security instead of Bloomington Security Solutions. Bloomington had installed our system back in 2009. IFS’ quote for the exact equipment was $5oo less. I asked for Bloomington to reconsider their quote and they came back with a quote but were still $236 more. Will be putting in an order with IFS. It will take about 2 weeks to get the equipment. Should be able to install it the week of March 17.
  • All paper work has been submitted for rebate, grant money and the interest free loan and all has been has been approved. Dale of Premier Lighting will bring out 2 each of the 12,14 and 17 watt bulbs to see how they look in different areas. He will also bring an electrician along to figure out the exact installation cost such as getting a lift and etc. I will check will Dana Daniels of Egan Electric to see what their cost would be. All costs will qualify for the rebate/grant. He will be here on March 19 at 9 am.   
  • The ugly looking carpet seam by the office has been fixed
  • Should be able to get the two pews repaired (upholstery torn) when I get back from Jamaica.


Vice-President’s Report: 

Disbursement Requests:

  1. Kollett made a motion to approve $200 for the purchase of tools.  Jeff seconded the motion.  Motion carried and the distribution was approved and sent to the Council for final action.
  2. Sue made a motion to approve $100 for the purchase of bushes and plants for the Southeast and South sides of the Church.  The motion was seconded by Jeff.  Motion carried and the distribution was approved and sent to Council for final action.
  3. The request for the purchase of a self-contained carpet extractor machine was sent to the Council to request more information on their interest in subsidizing this expense.  The LAL will await word from the Council regarding this request.
  4. Jeff made a motion to approve $700 for the Tanzania Youth Vision Trip.  The motion was seconded by Allan.  Motion carried and the distribution was approved and sent to the Council for final action.
  5. Jeff made a motion to approve $1000 for supplies for the 363 Day Sandwich Events.  The motion was seconded by Sue.  Motion carried and the distribution was approved and sent to the Council for final action.


A motion to approve the current disbursement requests was made by Julia Sevald and seconded Morgan Holle. Motion approved.


Secretary’s Report:  No Report.


Pastoral Reports: 

Pastor Chad’s Report:

Chad is pleased that the ministry and outreach at Prince of Peace has gotten off to such a strong start. There has been great feedback and enthusiasm related to our various worship services. We continue to see lots of first time visitors finding their way to worship at POP. Both the New Vision Day Care and the HOPE Liberian congregation have settled into our space nicely and added to the outreach happening out of POP.  


Here are a few other notable items as we move through the season of Lent:


  • Chad is grateful to the many faithful members who have grown in their financial stewardship over the prior year which has helped us get off to a much better start this year that last!
  • Our Wednesday Lenten services are once again proving to be inspirational worship and fellowship opportunities. Seeing the mentors meeting with students scattered all over our campus and then having them all stream into worship together is the very image of a thriving community of faith!
  • Our global outreach to Jamaica and Tanzania are both thriving witnesses to our mission statement to Grow deep, reach out. There was great communication this year during the Mission Jamaica trips, which helps expand the visibility of this outreach opportunity. We have also been overwhelmed by recent generous contributions into our Africa Fund in support of our ministry partnerships with the Lutheran church in Tanzania.  18 people are registered for the POP Vision Trip to Tanzania in June 12-26.
  • Chad will again be attending the ELCA senior pastors of large congregations conference, which will be held in Arizona on May 6-9. The new presiding bishop of the ELCA, Elizabeth Eaton will be among the presenters at the conference this year.


Intern Pastor Natalia’s Report:

  • GroupLife is finishing up the winter session to deep and sometimes difficult conversations and great reviews by group leaders and members alike.  Natalia is thankful for all those leaders who have put so much time and effort into leading; they are what make this ministry so successful.  


  • Natalia has been working on a reworking of some of the pastoral care ministry here at POP.  This will include a brunch on April 12th (9am) to train leaders and to promote these various ways to connect within this area of ministry here at POP.  


  • Natalia is working with her internship committee and Pr Chad as she learns and grows during her internship, and continuing to preach and teach and visit throughout the week.  


Council Reports

Each ministry team is to submit a written report each month.  These will be attached to the official minutes.  Highlights will be included in these minutes.

Executive Team:  No Report.


Spiritual Growth: No Report.


Sunday Morning Experience:  

Goal Setting Session

  • Each member voted on his or her top three priorities for 2014 and the following received the most votes for our goals:
  1. 1.      Ministry Moments:  Propose and coordinate schedule for church ministries to present a Ministry Moment on a monthly basis (1 ministry per month). The ministry would also host an informational table between services to answer questions and recruit volunteers. Morgan and Tim will bring this idea to the Church Council for approval. 
  2. 2.      Volunteer Recognition:  Some other ideas beyond posting pictures on screens were to send thank-you letters by e-mail or regular mail or publish pictures on Facebook or Web site. Chuck will be on this task, and Morgan had volunteered to help take photos and coordinate with Nate Bergengren on posting images/messages to the slide projectors and church Web site.
  3. 3.      BBQ and Ice Cream Lenten Meal: In an effort to add another fun fellowship event, we plan to host a Lenten meal with hot dogs and ice cream (maybe we baked beans and/or salad). We’re looking at the third week of Lenten to coordinate with schedules.  


Congregational Care:

  • There was one new membership class that took place on March 2nd.Congregational Care would like to thank all who helped out. We will be having another class soon.



  • We have set-up a standard meeting time for the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm, with no meetings in July and December. We are very excited to add both Pam Miller from Park Brook and Jan Ficken from the City of Brooklyn Park to our team. Both of these individuals are great resources, which will help us map our future plans.


  • One of the major issues that our local community is facing is the growing number of homeless students attending public schools at an alarming and appalling rate. The Osseo School District has identified 245 homeless students, with Park Brook Elementary having between 8 and 9.  On Monday, March 10, 2014, the City Council approved moving forward with a youth homeless shelter project, Brooklyn Avenues. Pastor Chad Brekke, Sue Johnson, Bev Alseben, and Sandy Noard attended this meeting with other representatives from churches in our community.


  • On Wednesday, March 5, 2014, I had a meeting at Park Brook with Scott Taylor (principal), Pam Miller (secretary) and Roxie Eberle (volunteer coordinator) to discuss service projects. We have committed to two service projects in 2014.
  • We continue to work with Lord of the Master Church serving free meals through the Loaves and Fishes program. In February, they served 106 meals with the help of seven volunteers from Prince of Peace.


  • We are still very active with the Loaves and Fishes program in North Minneapolis, which is coordinated by Jack and Elaine Zimmer. This program happens the first Friday of the month, every other month. Volunteers from Prince of Peace last served this meal on Friday, March 7, 2014.


  • Additional Notes:
    • We want to make sure there is more emphasis on communication and keeping the website current.
    • We are in the midst of a CEAP clothing and food drive.
    • We have several members of PoP doing Meals on Wheels each week.
    • 20 members of Prince of Peace participated in 1-2 weeks of Mission Jamaica from March 1st – March 15th. As they return, I’m sure they will have wonderful stories about their trip and all they accomplished!
    • On Ash Wednesday, the congregation made 1,000 sandwiches for the 363 Days Food Program.
    • Moving back to Service Saturday events


Community Life: 

  • We are working on forming a new group of fresh volunteers. 
  • We have some great ideas and brainstorming going on working towards opportunities for POP members of all ages coming together to have fun.
    • Our goal is to have the first 2014 event on the calendar just after Easter. 
    • Whole congregation game night – open to everyone of all ages


Modern Worship Arts: No Report.


Children and Family Ministry:

Current Programming Updates

  • ·         Sunday School is in the last couple of months.  We have had some great lessons/discussions this year
  • ·         Will be working on registration for the 2014-2015 School Year
- Looking at ways to get more congregation members (not just parents) involved in Sunday School
  • ·         Will continue to work on a 6-year rotation of stories for 1st-6th grade, and continue to tweak the 3-year rotation that is currently in place for PreK-K.
  • ·         DIGGIN In is also happening during Lent

    • o   Had a great turnout the 2nd week – great discussion on Fruits of the Spirit.
    • o   Creating Activity Bulletins for the evening Lenten service

    • o   Will continue DIGGIN In through all of Lent
    • ·         POP Tots has had two gatherings

      • o   Wonderful turnout from Families
- Mix of free-play, snack, activity, discussion amongst parents
- We will meet again in April and May, probably take the summer off (maybe meet once or twice) and 
then start up again in September or October
- Meets the first Saturday of the month – for all children not old enough for Sunday School
      • ·         POPpers events have continued with good turnouts at Tubing and SkyZone
        • o   We have three more scheduled for the year (including FMSC on April 11th).
      • ·         POPS Camp Registration is underway

        • o   Offering three weeks this Summer

        • o   Looking at Dr. Seuss stories in combination with Bible Stories, under the Theme of CALLED to CARE
      • ·         WAPO Registrations are coming in as well

        • o   Gearing up for the Plant Sale (stop by the table in the Welcome or order from a Youth if you are a 


Looking Ahead

  • ·         Continuing to work on POPS Camp Curriculum
    • o   I am writing my own this year and I am super excited about what it might look like
    • ·         Continuing to try and staff our 2nd Nursery Coordinator position.  We had someone almost hired and then she backed out because she needed a full time job
    • ·         Working with Val Krych to get the Kids Choir Showcase in the works for Sunday, April 27th


Youth and Family Ministry:

  • Lent mentoring is awesome!  As Pr. Chad has articulated a couple of times, it is a joy to see our generations connect over caring conversations.  Thank you to those on council that have mentees 🙂  
  • Our 8th & 9th grade retreat at Wapo is March 21-22 & I extend an invitation to any of you that would be interested in joining us (especially the men!).  If you’d like information, just ask!
  •  Revolution will be having a retreat either April 25-26 or May 16-17 (waiting for youth/parent feedback) & the invitation to join us stands for that as well.  

 Unfinished Business:  None


New Business:

  • We will NOT have Council on the 2nd Tuesday of April (Holy Week) Our meeting will be moved to April 22nd.Action Items:
  • Ministry Teams – Follow up with the Stewardship Team by the 1st Sunday of April


Candy Kvamme’s


    • List of all the ministry areas you are responsible for with contact name/number/e-mail
    • Where possible, ministry areas submit a list of who is currently serving and how often
    • Encourage your ministry areas to submit to Stewardship a list of current service needs
    • List/sign-up sheet to include:
      • Brief description of what the service opportunity is/what the person will be doing
      • Date service is needed
      • The time commitment required (service hours)
      • Any other information that will help to clarify for the person what is required of them
    • Lists will be e-mailed back to ministry chair with expectation to timely call those that sighed up thanking them for serving and stetting up the time for commitment


A motion was made by Richard Habstritt and seconded by Erik Hasse to adjourn the meeting.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Johnson


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