Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes

June 21, 2016

Present: Associate Pastor Natalia Terfa, Sue LaGue, Tim Marker, Christina Jobe, Julia Sevald, Mike Isenberg, Richard Habstritt, Dale Emter, Jeff Amstrup, and Linda Forkey

Absent: Pastor Chad Brekke, Jeremy Hanson, and Ryan Ohm

Guest: Kathy Arveson

Call to Order: President Sue LaGue called the meeting to order.

Devotions: Tim Marker led us in devotions.

Adoption of Agenda: A motion was made by Richard Habstritt and seconded by Mike Isenberg to adopt the Council agenda.  Motion approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: A motion was made by Richard Habstritt and seconded by Mike Isenberg to approve the minutes from the May 17, 2016 Council meeting as written.  Motion approved.

Leave a Legacy/Plan of Operations Summary:

Tim Marker and Kathy Arveson presented the major revisions to POP’s Endowment Fund (Leave a Legacy) bylaws. The majority of the revisions were made so that the document would reflect the actual practice of how the fund has been operated.

It was suggested to clarify the language to state the “Vice President of the Congregational Council” and to clarify in the document that the Vice President of the Congregational Council is not an officer of the Committee of Trustees. It should also be clarified that an elected trustee shall be eligible to serve “no” more than two (2) consecutive terms.

A motion was made by Linda Forkey and seconded by Julia Sevald to recommend the revised bylaws, with the clarifications suggested at this meeting, to the congregation. Motion approved.

Reports of Officers:

Treasurer’s Report:

  • For the month of May, receipts were lower than expenses.
    • The general/building fund activity for the month was a loss of $4,235. This is unfavorable to budget and prior year by $2,748 and $12,209, respectively.
    • Total May offerings were higher than budget by $1,493 but lower than prior year by $2,408. Other receipts for May were lower than both budget and prior year, mainly related to building use income as well as lower Thrivent Choice dollars coming in.
    • Overall, expenses are at budget but $7,062 higher than prior year. The unfavorability to prior year is mainly related to timing of continuing education expenses, higher benefit costs and salary increases.
  • For May year to date, receipts were lower than expenses. Offerings year to date are lower than budget and prior year. Expenses are flat to budget but higher than prior year due to repairs & personnel expense.
  • The general fund cash balance available for use is $62,895 at the end of May.
  • The designated fund with significant activity in May was the plant sale/WAPO fund.

An Audit Committee was recommended to conduct a review of Prince of Peace’s financials. The committee consists of Kathy Lehman, Brian Axness and Steve Foy, all members of Prince of Peace.  A motion was made by Tim Marker and seconded by Richard Habstritt to approve the audit committee.  Motion approved.

President’s Report:

No Council meeting in July.

Sue encouraged committees to take a month off during the summer.

Vice-President’s Report:

  • Leave a Legacy request for $700 for stipends for guest preachers during Wed night worship in the summer. A motion was made by Mike Isenberg and seconded by Linda Forkey to approve the request. Motion approved.

Secretary’s Report: None

Report of Congregational Survey

The results of the Congregational Vitality Survey have been compiled. This survey measured perceived strengths and challenges of the congregation in three critical areas: the congregation’s connections with God, each other and the world.  All items range from 1 (poor) to 5 (great).  There were a total of 182 respondents ranging in age from <18 to 75+.  The survey results showed POP’s average vitality score as 4.2.

Welcoming Discussion

Pastor Natalia had the Council read an article on changing from a “welcoming” church to an “invitational” church. Some fairly simply ideas for practice were included in the article, like mentioning something your church does well in casual conversation.  Natalia encouraged the Council to try the ideas in the article.

Ministry Team Reports

Property Report

  • Used up left over blocks and caps from patio to build drainage wall. Needed to get more caps, but couldn’t get a complete match. Draining system seems to work by draining the water away from the sidewalk. Should help the rising and falling of the sidewalk.
  • A lot of cracks need to be caulked in sidewalks and garage driveway.
  • Need to look for some paint to cover the black area of outside wall by patio.
  • Started sprinkler system. Found 20 heads that need work. NW irrigation replaced 7 heads and worked on 4 others with repairs. Aligned several other heads.
  • June 1st work day, we replaced 9 cfl bulbs in education area. Turned off the heat in the vestibules and turned the water on the outside faucets. Boiler shut done completely. Two of the cfl fixtures in education area went out completely the following day. Expected the worst but turned out that all the bulbs had burned out the same time.
  • A utility cable from the southeast corner by the south driveway to the east door side has been laying on top of ground since last summer/fall. Checked June 13th and cable was buried.
  • Checking on the needs to be addressed involving the parking lot such as filling the large cracks and striping for parking.
  • Coils on 2 roof top units that were damaged by hail were replaced on June 8th. Combing needs to be done on the others but will try to do it on June 17th along with the Spring maintenance of all roof top units.
  • Someone dumped a charcoal grill and miscellaneous items in the garbage. Small garage door was left open when a delivery was done.
  • Recycling pump parts for boiler are in but summer work comes first.
  • Met with Duncan Master in regard to do some landscaping and create hard surface path across the median by the garbage container. Most of the area won’t grow anything and gets very muddy when it rains. This would be another Eagle Scout project.

Spiritual Development  (Spiritship)      

Bev Alsleben wrote up a nice story on POP member, Frank Clinton. Check it out on the Welcome Center kiosk.                                          

Sunday Morning Experience

SME Meeting June 6

  1. Key Topics –
    1. SME/WE Team hosted the annual Ice Cream Social on May 23 for approximately 26 to 30. Participants offered a few suggestions for the committee to consider. We were surprised to see that everyone who attended met someone new. Since the event was such a great gathering to meet fellow volunteers, the SME is planning to host another SME social event in October.
    2. Discussed 10:30am community – the SME discussed ideas for fellowship after the 10:30am service. The committee will consider over the next few months.
    3. Coffee & Cookie Ministry is doing well and has summer schedule filled.
    4. Pew Organization & Clean Up is doing well – Elaine Zimmer is performing the work this Spring and Summer.
    5. WE Team Coordinators update: SME will continue weekly teams through summer months.
    6. 2016 Team Initiatives update:
      1. Invite Head Ushers to visit SME Committee Meetings – June = Jon Barfknecht was not able to attend, but has provided favorable feedback on the WE Team support.
      2. Discussed recruiting more Head Ushers for 2017 schedule – We have listed 2 new Head Ushers (Steve Young & Jeff Hansen). Will continue recruiting for more.
      3. Establishing the WE Team Coordinators & implementing weekly teams of Ushers and Greeters – have added (38) new team members in 2016 and still have about 12-16 openings, and will seek support from Youth at start of Fall Confirmation (service hours).
      4. Visitor Welcoming \ Visitor Bags – Kim Neisen has replenished the supply.
      5. Ice Cream Social – Complete, looking to set quarterly social events.
      6. Veteran’s Day – November, start planning at August meeting.
    7. First Aid / AED Training for Head Ushers was not approved for funding – tabled for next year.

Dale asked the Council for thoughts about improving fellowship after the 10:30 service. The Council was in agreement that this could be a good idea.

Congregational Care               

Working on the firing up the prayer ministries. Working on some things for the prayer stations.                               


Upcoming Projects:


  • Good News Daycare Donation Collection
  • Sally Onstad, Chairperson; Jodi and Ann volunteered to assist
  • Special cash donation collection, Sunday July 10 (and potentially the Wed, July 13 service) We will use the big plastic jug for donations
  • Thank you and youth send-off, Sunday, July 17
  • Promotions/Poster Board – Sally
  • Brent to supply photos
  • Brent will place ads on enews, website and take note
  • Sally to donate some children’s books and thank you cards



  • Jodi to contact Avenues for supply needs and will promote for collection August and September



  • Loaves and Fishes – Friday, September 2
    • There may potentially be a meal in July also
  • Park Brook Open House – Week of September 5
  • Katie and Richard to staff the table
  • Rally Sunday – Sunday, September 11
    • Outreach committee will have two tables and will feature:
    • Brooklyn Avenues
    • CEAP
    • Blood Drive
    • Reading Program
    • Community Concert – Phebe hospital fundraiser
    • Hwy Clean-up
  • Blood Drive – Monday, September 26
    • Richard to chair. He will recruit people to donate blood a few Sundays leading up to the drive. He may need someone to relieve him for an hour or so the day of the event.
  • Jeans and Junk – TBD
    • Jodi to contact Sue LaGue for a date


    • Phebe Hospital Fundraiser – Sunday, October 9
    • – Joint project with HOPE Ministries to support efforts underway with various ELCA synods to provide clean, reliable solar energy grid and train local residents to maintain operations
    • Solar Sunday Service
    • Community Concert featuring local Liberian musicians
  • Brooklyn Avenues Concert
  • POP is not involved, but Brooklyn Avenues is doing another concert on 10/22. Jodi to find out who is hosting the concert and the featured artists


Completed Project Reports:

    • Jeans and Junk – Sunday, May 15 – Sue LaGue, chair
      • About 20 volunteers
    • Park Brook Reading Buddies – 2016 program ended 5/20 Lori Clausen, chair
    • About 15 people participated
    • Brooklyn Avenues June Birthday Party – Tuesday, June 7 – Jodi Spoden, chair
    • Jodi and Mary Dartey hosted the party – 1 resident celebrated a birthday
    • Park Brook Graduation – Wednesday, June 8 – Richard Habstritt, chair
      • 5 volunteers helped with breakfast and 5 volunteers helped with the afternoon graduation party
  • Hope Lodge – Wednesday June 8 – Richard Habstritt, chair
  • Cancer support group filled 40 snack bags for the residents


  • Brooklyn Avenues garden update – Jodi Spoden, chair
    • Volunteers built a rabbit fence and planted an herb and vegetable garden
    • Volunteers, staff and residents will maintain the garden throughout the summer

Community Life

Mike is working on ideas.

Pastoral Reports:

Pastor Chad’s Report: (Pastor Chad in Tanzania.)

Pastor Natalia’s Report:

Oh we’re in the thick of summer around here – with summer mid-week worship having kicked off on June 15th and with each Wednesday filled with amazingly gifted and talented preachers and teachers from around the area. I cannot wait to hear them all.

We have closed the vitality survey from the whole congregation.  We are exactly where we had thought we’d be, and are really excited about the opportunities we have in front of us to continue to build momentum around what we’re all about here at POP.

Unfinished Business: None

New Business: None

Action Items: None

Highs and Lows: Linda, Tim, Julia and Sue shared.

A motion was made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Mike Isenberg to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Christina Jobe

Council Secretary

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