Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2016

Present: Sue LaGue, Christina Jobe, Mike Isenberg, Richard Habstritt, Dale Emter, Jeff Amstrup, Jeremy Hanson, and Kathy Arveson

Absent: Pastor Chad Brekke, Pastor Natalia Terfa, Tim Marker, Julia Sevald, Linda Forkey, and Ryan Ohm

 Call to Order: President Sue LaGue called the meeting to order.

Devotions: Sue led us in devotions.

Adoption of Agenda: A motion was made by Jeremy Hanson and seconded by Jeff Amstrup to adopt the Council agenda. Motion approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: A motion was made by Jeremy Hanson and seconded by Jeff Amstrup to approve the minutes from the January 19, 2016 Council meeting as written. Motion approved.

Reports of Officers:

In Julia Sevald’s absence, Kathy Arveson presented the Treasurer’s report.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • For the month of January, receipts were higher than expenses.
    • The general/building fund activity for the month was a gain of $3,955. This is favorable to budget by $8,146, but unfavorable to prior year by $7,941.
    • Total January offerings were higher than budget by $2,102 but lower than prior year by $9,767. Other receipts for January were also higher than both budget and prior year, mainly related to building use income.
    • Overall, expenses are lower than budget and higher than prior year. The favorability to budget is mainly related to reduced gas & electricity costs as well as timing of benevolence payments.
  • The general fund cash balance available for use is $75,510 at the end of January.
  • There were no designated funds with significant activity in January.

Vice-President’s Report:

In Tim Marker’s absence, Kathy Arveson stated that there were no outstanding Leave a Legacy requests to report.

Kathy Arveson left the meeting.

President’s Report:

Sue asked for feedback about the Staff/Council retreat.

Secretary’s Report: None

 Ministry Team Reports

Property Report

  • Checked pricing on single stage snow blowers because we felt that a 2 stage was not

necessary and was too big to maneuver near buildings. Bought Honda single stage

snow blower for $544.

  • Put up plywood on north window that was broken by a landscape paver thrown from the outside. Police were called.
  • Met A&A Glass Replacement so they could provide measurement on broken window.
  • Bought faucet parts ($47) for office sink and worked on water fountain.
  • Replaced pressure relief valve ($106) on booster heater in kitchen. Each time dishes were washed a lot of water would be going down the drain.
  • Ordered replacement glass for broken window ($453.80) and window in youth room ($220.44) that was damaged a long time ago. Ok’d by Kathy. Will take one/two weeks to get windows.
  • Had Weld & Sons out to repair water fountain ($213.50). Replaced small copper pipe but found other problem items. Kathy to check with insurance to see if we can replace fountain. Quote from Weld & Sons was $1195.
  • Should consider installing a security camera to monitor north side of building and the garage. A number of items have occurred on north side such as the larger garage door has been damaged, oil has been poured down the drain, 2 five gallon buckets of liquid was left by north door and boy scouts area was broken into.

Short range items to be completed

  • Replace fire exit doors to sanctuary on east side
  • Caulk all cracks where cement has been leveled
  • Reroute water drainage by front entrance door of sanctuary and north entrance door
  • Adjust south facing fire exit door so it opens easier
·         Cover black area on wall by fire pit
·         Repair bricks in court yard

Long range items to be considered

·         Computerized thermostat controls

  • Replace roof top units
·         Replace material on all pews. Replace roof top units as needed
·         Carpet replacement by area/sections??

·         Parking lot seal coating


Spiritual Development  (Spiritship)      

  • Four new people have been invited to join our committee after we shrank from 12 members last year to nine currently.
  • We would like to display a poster in the Welcome Center that is a large version of our POP volunteer opportunities as they appear on our pledge cards. I visited POP member Dan Ficken at his place of work, northlightCOLOR, for the purpose of creating a 77 ½ inch x 47 ½ inch graphic and stand. A cost estimate was given at $140 for a reusable stand plus a graphic for $120. I will bring pictures to our council meeting to show everyone the basic look. An outside graphic designer is needed at an estimated additional cost of $100 bringing the total to $360. This committee has more than enough money set aside and available.
  • Bev Alsleben has interviewed a POP member from Liberia and put his faith story in writing.
  • An idea has been given to offer a “strength finders” type of book and/or class designed to help people find their volunteer and ministry gifts and talents. Again, just an idea for now. As always, our goal is to help our church members reach out through Christ to help others.                                               

Sunday Morning Experience

  1. Conducted SME Meeting February 8th – Location: POP
    1. Attendees were: Laura Erickson, Chuck Krych, Kim Neisen, Chuck Dube, Dale Emter, Jon Barfknecht
    2. Key Topics
      1. Review of 2015 Initiatives
      2. 2016 Team Initiatives
        1. Greeting – So Important to Welcome Members new and existing
        2. Volunteer Spot – Going to keep utilizing for Communion
        3. Going “Back to the Future” and implementing old teams for Ushering and Greeters (minus captains)
          1. Emails List will be sent out to Team Schedulers (Niesen, Emter, Krych)
          2. Krych to write and share letter to teams
            1. Week 1 – Kim Neisen
            2. Week 2 – Dale Emter
            3. Week 3 – Chuck Krych
      3. Incorporation of Head Usher’s into SME Team Committee Meetings — Jon to schedule the next participant
    3. Next SME Team Meeting will occur on 3/07/16 at 6:00 pm                                       


  • Denise Dube hosted the Jan 5 Brooklyn Avenues birthday party
  • Jodi Spoden attended the Jan 21 Brooklyn Avenues Action Council meeting. Key highlights:
  • Lisa Jacobson, the current council chairperson has accepted a position as the executive director for Hope 4 Youth; a homeless youth program in Anoka County. So she is stepping down, and the council is looking for a new chairperson.
  • Anna Donato, a member of the council hosts an annual gala in support of Victor Donato, who was very active in the Robbinsdale community before his death. The gala is being held at Sacred Heart in Robbinsdale on Saturday, February 27. We’ll see if we can post a flyer on the POP website. Proceeds raised will go to support Brooklyn Avenues.
  • The youth have indicated an interest in having community members speak at their monthly house meetings on careers, resume writing, interviewing, dressing for success, taking photos for linked in profiles, etc. Jodi will include this request on her website article and have anyone interested contact her.
  • Some of the youth have shown interest in helping with the garden this spring and holding cooking nights where they can learn to cook the fresh vegetables. We can discuss this more at our next meeting. Maybe an opportunity for the Loaves and Fishes group.
  • At our Outreach meeting in January, we talked about the possibility of serving a meal at the Park Brook conferences in February. The timing was difficult due to our unavailability, and it was short notice to get others involved. This was added to our calendar for the fall and asked Scott, the principal, to let us know when they have set the dates.
  • Natalia and Jodi met on Jan 29 to brainstorm on CEAP Food Share Month and we further discussed this at the Feb Outreach Committee meeting. Here’s the rough plan.
  • Feb 28 – Launch CEAP Food Share Month
  • Mar 7 Promote the Holy Week special collections
  • Palm Sunday – Baby items
  • Maundy Thursday – Breakfast foods
  • Good Friday – Canned fruit, fruit cups and fruit juice
  • Mar 13 – Giggles and Dill
  • Wrap up CEAP Food Share Month on Easter and provide a count of donations that can be shared on the screens
  • Kim Kenny, a friend of Denise Dube, and Jodi Spoden hosted the Feb 1 Brooklyn Avenues birthday party


Community Life

Organizing a group to go see “Jerusalem” at the Science Museum Omni Theater on February 28.

Pastoral Reports:

Pastor Chad’s Report:

(submitted prior to the meeting)

We have officially entered the season of Lent with our two Ash Wednesday services on 2/10/16. The services were well attended and set the stage for what I believe will be an engaging and meaningful season of worship as we develop the theme of Thin Places.

A few items of note as we move into this first quarter on our way to Easter…

  • We are in the process of interviewing candidates for the organist position. In the meantime, we have been well served by competent organists in supply.
  • I attended the installation service of the new presiding bishop of the Lutheran church of Tanzania. The Rev. Dr. Frederick Shoo will lead the growing 6.5 million member ELCT for the next decade. I was pleased to present a check for $32,000 in support of the Neema Lutheran School in remote Mpanda Tanzania in honor of Dr. Shoo’s installation. These funds were donated for this purpose to the POP Africa fund in partnership with Lutheran churches in Nebraska. The next POP Vision Trip to Tanzania is scheduled for June 16-29, 2016.
  • The council retreat scheduled for 2/13 will be focused on a new congregational vitality measurement resource. A synod representative Craig Peterson will present the resource and lead this aspect of our retreat.
  • I am currently scheduled to attend the annual larger ELCA church conference for senior pastors on May 10-13. The annual continuing education event is attended by our presiding bishop Elizabeth Eaton and pastors from around the country.
  • Our new church website is a very welcome upgrade even as we continue to develop and refine it. In addition to a more contemporary and accessible format, the new site is far more user friendly and responsive.
  • I have had an initial meeting with ELCA representative Becky Palmquist. Becky provides a valuable resource to congregations in providing advice and counseling to members concerning faithful options to include the church in estate planning and planned giving. We will invite Becky to return to address LAL and council leadership to explore how she may offer assistance to our members and congregation.

Pastor Natalia’s Report:

(submitted prior to meeting)

GroupLife just completed our winter session on the Book of Isaiah. It was not an easy study, but the group feedback has been positive, and they learned a lot in the five weeks.

Thanks to all of you for being present and participating at our council retreat on Saturday. I think we were able to have good conversation about where we are at and now we just need to focus our conversations on the “now what?” How are we going to move forward from this meeting and use the information gathered to ensure we remain vitalized in the months and years to come?

Unfinished Business: None

New Business: None

Action Items:

A motion was made by Mike Isenberg and seconded by Dale Emter to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Christina Jobe

Council Secretary

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