Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2017

Present: Pastor Chad Brekke, Associate Pastor Natalia Terfa, Allan Grant, Lynn Anderson, Mike Isenberg, Richard Habstritt, Dale Emter, Scott Reitz, Jeff Hanson, Richard Habstritt, Melissa Johnson

Absent: Julia Sevald, Linda Forkey, Rachel Follestad

Call to Order: President Allan Grant called the meeting to order.

Devotions: Melissa Johnson led us in devotions.

Adoption of Agenda: A motion was made by Dale Emter and seconded by Richard Habstritt to adopt the Council agenda.  Motion approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: A motion was made by Richard Habstritt and seconded by Jeff Hanson to approve the minutes from the February 21, 2017 Council meeting as written. Motion approved.

Reports of Officers:

Treasurer’s Report:

Notable March activity:

  • For the month of March, receipts were lower than expenses.
    • The general/building fund activity for the month was a loss of $4,225. This is favorable to prior year by $5,966 but unfavorable to budget by $1.975.
    • Total March offerings were lower than budget and prior year by $4,720 and $5,324, respectively. Other receipts for March were lower than budget and prior year due to timing of building use income.
    • Overall, expenses are lower than budget and prior year by $5,437 and $15,555, respectively. The favorability to prior year is related to the timing of benevolence payments as well as fewer repairs expense than 2016. Additionally, the loan we had entered into for the LED lights has been paid off as of December 31, 2016 so we no longer have that monthly expense.
  • For March year to date, receipts are lower than expenses. The general building fund activity is a loss of $6,367 which is slightly favorable to budget, but unfavorable to prior year by $2,323.
  • The general fund cash balance available for use is $44,744 at the end of March.
  • The only designated fund with significant activity in March was the Miscellaneous Designated fund.
  • As we move in to 2017 we will continue to track our offerings and contributions vs. budget and keep the congregation updated if we start falling behind.

President’s Report:

  • The staff is doing a good job of keeping the expenses in line and even below budget.
  • On Saturday, Allan will go to the Gustavus Adolphus Association of Congregations meeting. He will see what the governing board meetings are like and attend a Faith Conference.

Vice-President’s Report:

Leave a Legacy:

    • $ 1,800 requested for covering leaders expenses for a youth retreat this summer to Compass Point, a wilderness faith experience through Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp in Colorado. The youth is fundraising for this event but by covering the leaders expenses, this lowers the amount needed to be raised by the youth.
      • A motion was made by Richard Habstritt and seconded by Mike Isenberg to approve the $1,800 request to cover leader expenses for the summer youth retreat.
    • $300 requested by the garden club to beautify the churchyard by planting flowers and by controlling weeds.
      • A motion was made by Dale Emter and seconded by Scott Reitz to approve the $300 request from the garden club.
  • $841.42 requested to cover (mostly) labor for a worship center console being installed. PoP received a large anonymous donation to purchase the console but we need a little more to complete the entire cost.
  • A motion was made by Richard Habstritt and seconded by Dale Emter to approve the $841.42 request to cover the remaining cost of installing the worship center console.


Secretary’s Report: None

Ministry Team Reports

Property Report

  • Current Projects


    • Renewed the lawn services contract with AAA All American. We had a three-year contract that would have ended the fall of 2017. Due to changes in the day care area and additional work in fall and spring clean-up, the price will be $595/year.
  • Next 12 Months (This year)


    • Pew repair – completed
    • Roof bubbling
    • Tree in courtyard
    • Tuck point building
    • Clean holding pond south side
  • Short Term (5 Years)


  • HVAC
  • Security lights
  • Computer-operated thermostat
  • Computer-operated lighting
  • LED lighting out side of building
  • Fire alarm panel
  • West metal door separating
  • South metal door not closing
  • Long Term (10 Years)


  • Parking lot
  • Carpet replacement
  • Replace Boiler system Spiritual Growth
  • Operational Efforts:
  • The Spiritual Growth Team continues to refocus its purpose and job roles.
  • Development of a Mission Statement (Complete February 2017)
  • Definition of team functions (Complete February 2017)
  • Committee Membership (Work In Progress – May 2017)
    • Roles Defined including anticipated time commitments
    • Meeting (drafted) for April 9th @ 10:00 to recruit staff for Spiritual Growth Team: Complete
    • Continue to look for strategies on recruiting members
      • Sponsoring Doughnuts on May 21st

New Projects

  • New Volunteer Cards (Not Started)
    • Create a simplified volunteer card design
  • Volunteer/Learning Guide (Started – TBD)
    • Create a means to inform members on volunteer and learning opportunities
    • Lynell to send me a contact list for the volunteer and educational opportunities – Complete
    • Start interviewing ministry leads to build Volunteer & Learning Opportunity Guide
  • Develop an on-going New-Member Social Event to facilitate: (Not Started – TBD)
    • Meet & greet with other recent & new members
    • Discuss / Learn about various volunteer & learning opportunities
    • Provide feedback on Prince of Peace and/or faith experiences
  • Council Reporting Development (Not Started – TBD)
    • Identify & report on Spiritual Growth Team metrics
    • Document how-to guide on building the report for future Council Member(s)
  • Spiritual Growth Facilitated Information Desk (Not Started – TBD)

Here we can provide members and visitors information AND connect them with the right resources for a variety of services including.

      • Volunteer Opportunities for the SME (and Spiritual Growth) Team
      • Registrations
        • Sunday School
        • Summer POP camp events
        • Mission Trips
        • New Member Orientations
        • Group Life
      • Information on Community Life events
      • Information on Congregational Care opportunities
      • Outreach opportunities and needs

To make this inviting and easy for our members/visitors I was hoping to place this in a visible and convenient spot in the Welcome Center. I think it would be best to have a person or two (depending on anticipated service census) staff this desk either every, or every other Sunday between services.


Sunday Morning Experience

Sunday Morning Experience Team Council Report

Topics Discussed:

  1. Head Usher feedback for March was provided by guest Head Usher Sue Fodstad. Feedback included support of WE Team approach and the assignment of roles by WE Team coordinators.
  2. Discussed the need for replacement Lead Head Usher for 2018.
  3. Still targeting (4) more Head Ushers for 2017-18 schedule. Discussed potential candidates. Laura offered to “Ask” someone suggested during discussion. Spiritship has offered to support efforts in finding those who might be have an interest.
  4. 1st Aid \ CPR Training – Rick to contact North Hennepin Technical College and Red Cross to determine options (no update this month). Karla asked Property Committee to verify battery on AED.
  5. Visitor & New Member Welcoming – Continued to discussed ideas. Would like to verify with Council approval for SME to 1) host name tag Sunday once per month to help us get to know each other better, and 2) post New Member information on or near the Welcoming Cart.
  6. Pew Organization & Clean Up – Dianne and Karla continue cleaning pews Thurs or Fri during Lent so they are clean for Sunday. The scribble pads are getting used. Elaine to resume pew clean up in April.
  7. 10:30am Worship Wrap Up – Kim Neisen will host on week #1, George Umolac will host week #3 (not in April as week #3 is Easter).
  8. WE Teams: a) Youth Support – Katie has an option for the WE Team coordinators to visit Sunday School during lesson on “Many Members, One Body” lesson to talk about greeting and ushering. b) New Volunteers – The Committee received and reviewed the 2017 Adult Pledge offerings for greeting and ushering and will reach out to those not already involved over the next month.
  9. WE Team Ice Cream Social date was set for Monday, May 23 at 6:00pm. All Council and staff are welcome to attend.
  10. Next SME Team Meeting will occur on Monday 5/1/17 at 6:00 pm



Upcoming Project Planning

Avenues April Birthday Party – Jodi

  • No April birthdays



Cancer Support Group – April 12 – Richard

  • No update



Blood Mobile – April 24 – Richard/Craig

      • 22 people have signed up so far.        
      • Richard and Craig will make reminder calls before the event


Potluck/Baby Shower for the Aziz family, Saturday, April 29th,

  • Planning notes:
  • Shower set-up 9 – 10:30
  • Shower 11 – 1
  • Clean-up 12:30 – 2:00
  • Menu
  • Outreach Committee will provide sandwiches and a sheet cake from Costco, beverages, napkins and cake plates
  • We are asking for volunteers to provide salads, fruit, chips, cookies and bars
  • Item drop off at church office on Friday or Saturday morning
  • Decorations
  • We will either use POP table cloths or pick up some pastel plastic cloths
  • Jo Fachman will fill POP vases with flowers and ribbon for tables
  • Craig and Kathy to pick up balloons for the serving table, and both doorways
  • Jodi to purchase name tags for attendees
  • Sign-up-Sheets for Kiosk
  • Sign-up sheets will be placed on the kiosk for the next couple of weeks for congregation members to RSVP, volunteer at the event and donate food and shower gifts
  • Event Promotion
  • Article in eNews, announcements at services and advertisements on sanctuary and welcome center screens



Highway Clean-up – May 7 – Sue LaGue

  • Article in eNews, Sue to have sign-up sheets at Kiosk and advertise on screens



Avenues Garden – Jodi

      • We have $250 left on our grant for this year’s garden.
      • Jodi checking with Avenues on recommended changes for the garden this year. In addition to vegetables, Sally suggested we plant some flowers.
      • We will recruit volunteers beginning in late April, early May


Reading Buddies – Jodi

      • We received an update from Jake after the meeting. May 8-12 is the last week of reading.
      • May 1-5 is volunteer appreciation week. There will be treats and gifts for the volunteers.


Park Brook Graduation – June 7 – Jodi

      • We received an update from Jake after the meeting.
      • Graduation Breakfast: 6 volunteers needed from 8:15 to 10:00
      • Commencement and Cake Serving: 6 volunteers needed from 1:30 -3:30.


Completed Project Reports

  • Park Brook Winter Funland – 3 volunteers
  • Park Brook Concert Meal – $300 spent for food. 130 families served. 8 volunteers.
  • CEAP March Food Share Month/Giggles and Dill – 310 pounds of food and $1,206 collected for CEAP.


Upcoming Meetings:

  • Next Committee Meeting – Tuesday, May 9, 7 p.m. -8 p.m.

Community Life



Congregational Care



Pastoral Reports:

Pastor Chad’s Report:

As we move into the relatively brief Easter season on our way to Pentecost, we pause to reflect on an amazing Lent and Holy Week at Prince of Peace. There is a sense that the liturgical calendar keeps pushing us forward toward the next season so it is important for us to celebrate and give thanks for all that God is up to in our midst.

  • Every Wednesday morning during Lent, we held a lovely worship in the CLC followed by a luncheon provided by volunteers. These services had an intimate fell and provide an important social outreach for a number of senior members and friends of PoP not included to come out for evening worship services.
  • Once again there was an electric energy on Wednesday evenings during Lent. Mentors could be found in conversation with their confirmation student in every corner of our campus prior to flowing into the Worship Center for an engaging and uniquely multi-generational worship experience. Several members of the congregation shared their wilderness experiences during these services and all of our ministry staff participated in preaching.
  • All of the planning done by our gifted staff for Holy Week at Prince of Peace was experienced by hundreds of people as a coherent, profound, thematic entry into the passion story, leading to a celebration of the resurrection on Easter. Comments such as, “I will never for get this as long as I live” have been shared countless time sand spread across social media by folks attending Prince of Peace during this season. From Palm Sunday to a funeral on Monday, through Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, the Good News rang out loud and clear from our church.


None of these experiences happen by accident. We continue to leverage and improve the tools we have that support our efforts to provide meaningful and engaging worship and outreach ministers. What a blessing our new LED accent lighting system was during our Holy Week services. We are already noticing improvements as our new soundboard and audio systems come online. We look forward in the very new future to upgrades to our video system in the Worship Center.


But our greatest strength continues to be a faithful, creative and uniquely gifted staff, supported by so many faithful volunteers and lay leaders. One family told me on Good Friday that they had driven from South Dakota to be with us for worship that night and they we so grateful that they had done so. They said they listen to our podcast all the time.


Prince of Peace is Growing deep and reaching out, and by the grace of God, we’re having a blast doing it!


Additional notes from Pastor Chad:

  • Pastor Jim passed away this morning. He had fallen and had bleeding on the brain. The funeral will most likely be Monday of next week.
  • We should take the time to pause, and think, “Wow, what a thing to be a part of!”
  • It is amazing and not a common occurrence to have the worship band the traditional choir join together to create such a moving experience during services in they way that they did on Good Friday.


Pastor Natalia’s Report:

  • Lent is in the rearview and was just stunning. Natalia hopes you were all here for the Wednesday worship services but if you missed any, please take time to listen to the podcasts!  Any time we are able to hear from our congregation members about their struggles and their faith, our community is always strengthened.  Each week was just beautiful. 

Holy Week is happening and based on our gifted staff and leadership, it ia certain to be moving and powerful and smooth.  This crew is great and Natalia feels so lucky to be a part of the team.


  • GroupLife begins our spring session this week!  We’ve got some great new and already existing groups ready to meet and lessons ready to go. The Bible study is called “Welcoming the Stranger” and she can’t wait to hear how it impacts our groups and community.


Unfinished Business:

  • Refugee family update from Mike Isenberg: They family is settled in; congregation members have been making regular visits and helping the family continue to get acclimated. Everything is going very smoothly. On Saturday, April 29th, there will be a Baby Shower from 11am-1pm at Prince of Peace. This will be announced on Sunday.


New Business:

  • We discussed the schedule of Council Meetings – do they need to be monthly?
    • They need to be intentional and have a purpose.
    • We could have an agenda with a topic we would like to move toward as a church.


Action Items:

  • Melissa will include Katie, Brent and Nate on the e-mail requesting reports.
  • We do NOT plan to hold a council meeting in May and will meet again in June.


Prayer Requests:

  • The family of Jim Carlson
  • Jeff Hanson’s brother-in-law, Jerry Fisher (has undergone brain surgery to remove a large tumor)
  • Millie Erickson (recently widowed and also diagnosed with cancer)


A motion was made by Mike Isenberg and seconded by Scott Reitz to adjourn the meeting.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Johnson

Council Secretary

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