March 2012 Council Minutes

March 2012 Council Minutes

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting

March 20, 2012 (Approved)

 Present:  Tom Heinrich, Bill Fredrick, Pastor Chad Brekke, Dan Ficken, Julia Sevald, Mary Gilleshammer, Bev Alsleben, Dan Cassada, Chuck Krych and Allan Grant. Absent:  Chris Fearing. 

 Call to Order:  President Tom Heinrich called the meeting to order.

 Devotions:  Bill Fredrick led the opening devotions.

 Adoption of Agenda:  A motion was made by Chuck Krych and seconded by Dan Cassada to adopt the Council agenda.  Motion approved.

 Approval of Previous Minutes:  A motion was made by Julia Sevald and seconded by Chuck Krych to approve the minutes from the February 21, 2012 Council meeting as written.  Motion approved.

   Reports of Officers

Treasurer’s Report:  Notable February activity:

  • ·         During the January Council meeting it was determined that the funds needed to replace the server would not come out of the general fund, but would instead come from a portion of the Thrivent Choice dollars received in February as well as excess funds in the Wedding fund and other designated funds (as approved by the owners).  Therefore, the cost of the server ($10,000) has been removed from the budgeted disbursements for 2012.
  • ·         Pastor Jim has been approved for long-term disability and the church’s financial obligation for salary and benefits ended on February 29, 2012.  Therefore, the budgeted expenses for the Associate Pastor role have been removed from the budget for the months of March and April.  It is anticipated that additional ministry staff will be added by the May/June timeframe.
  • ·         February receipts are slightly unfavorable to budget by $1,373 and disbursements are also slightly unfavorable to budget by $897.  Year to date receipts are unfavorable to budget by $11,408 and disbursements are on budget.
  • ·         The general fund activity for the month was a loss of $9,131.  This is unfavorable to budget and prior year (loss of $5,826 in February 2011).
  • ·         Designated funds that had significant activity for the month were the Adult Mission Trips and Thrivent Choice Dollars.
  • ·         General fund receipts for February included $41,105 of pledged offering and $10,068 of unpledged offering.

A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Dan Ficken and seconded by Dan Cassada.  Motion approved.

 President’s Report: 

 ·      April 21 Council and staff Saturday morning retreat will be held in the CLC.  The goal is to continue to build bridges and help understand what our ministry leaders do and what we can do for them.

  • ·      There was a reminder that each council member should review and keep updated the 30-60-90 day calendar.  Report your meetings to Lynell for inclusion in the calendar.
  • ·      President Heinrich attended the Giving Team Ministry meeting and reported that work on the 2013 campaign is in full swing.

 Vice-President’s Report:

Leave A Legacy Update:  The total reported balance of funds in the Leave A Legacy accounts is $168,170.05.  Team roles for 2012 are as follows:  Jim McCarthy – Chairman, Kollett Kaehlert – Treasurer, Marilyn Smith – Secretary, and Bill Fredrick – Council Rep.

Leave A Legacy events planned for the year will include:

  • ·         Memorial Sunday, May 27, 2012, the LAL team will sponsor altar flowers, members can sign up for memorial gifts, and the opportunity to make gifts to the endowment fund.
  • ·         November 4, 2012, will be All Saints Sunday, also a ministry moment, altar flowers, and baked rolls between services.
  • ·         May 6, 2012, LAL is planning another seminar between services.  The topic will be life changes.  Food will be provided to encourage attendance.  Marilyn Smith will chair the food.  Jim McCarthy will contact Jerry Johnson to schedule the speaker.

 Secretary’s Report:  Secretary Allan Grant thanked the council for sending in their written reports prior to the meeting and for their quick response to the requests for review and approval requested each month,

 Pastor’s Report:

 Pastor Chad:  Pastor Chad reported on the major changes to our staff with Pastor Jim going on Long Term Disability and Nate Bergengren beginning in his role of “Modern Worship Arts and Media Director.  Pastor Chad gave special thanks to Rob Wavinak and Rick Soule for giving so much of their time and expertise to improve the acoustical challenges of the worship center.

 Pastor Chad reported that Nate is off to a great start and there is a fresh Spirit blowing through our worship, which is evidenced by a significant increase in attendance and overwhelmingly positive feedback from worshippers.  He reported that we are already seeing new people using their gifts to participate in leading the music at the 10:30 AM service.  There is a new spirit of respect and collaboration between the 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM music leaders.

  The other big staffing transition for Prince of Peace comes as the result of Pastor Jim going onto long-term disability as of the end of February and the need to fill our associate position.  Pastor Chad reported that he has spent a good deal of time developing a position description for that role and pursuing a variety of possibilities to fill out and strengthen our ministry staff.  He has been in consultation with our synod office and executive team along the way.

 Pastor Chad ended his report with a paragraph taken from his very first report to the council, submitted ten days after he started serving as the new senior pastor.  This paragraph will form the foundation of his vision for moving forward with a gifted, fully staffed ministry team.

 From the Senior Pastor’s report submitted for the council meeting on October 11, 2011:

 “First impressions…As I begin working with and observing our office and ministry staff, I can say that I am thrilled with the team I will be leading.  In several cases, I cannot imagine finding a more gifted, committed and competent person to fill their respective positions if I were to do a national search.  I see potential for certain staff positions to evolve over time in order to leverage some of these unique gifts and abilities.”

 Council Reports

Each ministry team is to submit a written report each month.  These will be attached to the official minutes.  Highlights will be included in these Minutes.

 Executive Team:  No Report

 Spiritual Development:  The team reported on the various ministries that fall under their review, these include the Men’s Ministry, Monday/Tuesday Men’s Bible Studies, Sunday Morning Bible Studies, young Adults Ministry, Axis/Revolution, and Children’s Ministries.  They are presently working on development of additional small group ministries, improving communication of planned events, changes to the web site and the possibility of development of a calendar for all members of upcoming events.

  Sunday Morning Experience:  The team is working on improving the WE Teams and more clearly outline their functions and improvement of the recruitment and training of WE Team members.  They are thankful for the youth that are helping with the replenishing of the blue cards and pencils in the pews.  Planning has begun on an Ice Cream Social to thank all of the WE Team volunteers.

Congregational Care:  The team reviewed the last new member classes and began planning for the April new member classes on April 22 and April 29 with a welcome on May 6.  The Fellowship Friends works well but they are in need of additional volunteers to serve as Fellowship Friends for our new members. 

 Outreach: The team has been working on the details for CEAP Sunday that will be April 29th.  Brian Laher from CEAP will be the speaker that day.  The team is looking into ways that Prince of Peace can reach out to our neighbors in nearby apartments to share the love of Christ.  The City of Brooklyn Park has provided some information and the team is also working with CEAP on a number of possibilities.

 Community Life:  No report.   

 Unfinished Business: None

 New Business: 

 Ministry Transition:  Pastor Chad shared with the Council his recommendations for Ministry at Prince of Peace.

 ·         Associate Pastor Transition:  Pastor Chad reported that he has spent a good deal of time developing a position description for that role and pursuing a variety of possibilities to fill out and strengthen our ministry staff.  He has been in consultation with our synod office and executive team along the way.  Pastor Chad shared with the Personnel Committee that he would be recommending that Prince of Peace leave the position of Associate Pastor vacant for the foreseeable future.  It will be his recommendation to move Natalia Terfa into a new position of Associate in Ministry (AIM) beginning May 1, 2012.  Pastor Chad shared his vision of this new position and how it would work to strengthen the ministry at Prince of Peace.

 ·         Youth Director Transition:  Pastor Chad also reported that he has been working on the appropriate transition for replacement of Natalia with a new Youth Director.  It is his recommendation that we make an offer of employment to Brent Haglund who currently is serving as the Director of Youth and Family Ministry at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Pastor Chad shared Brent’s qualifications and how he would fit into the youth ministry at Prince of Peace.

 A motion was made to approve the recommendations of Pastor Chad of moving Natalia Terfa out of the role of Director of Youth and into the position of an Associate in Ministry (AIM) and hiring Brent Haglund as the new Youth Director beginning May 1, 2012 by Dan Ficken and seconded by Mary Gilleshammer.  Motion approved 

  Resignation of Staff:  Pastor Chad reported that Director of Operations, Charlie Olson had submitted his resignation effective March 30, 2012.  The Council wish him the very best and thanks him for his four years on the Prince of Peace staff.


Pastor Chad reviewed the evolution of the job of Director of Operations and the possibilities of spitting the position into a part-time business administrative and part-time property management.  No decision was made but Pastor Chad will begin to seek candidates for the business administrative position immediately.


Computer Server:  The new server is in the process of being installed, there has been a short delay in obtaining the necessary software because we can receive non-profit licensing and this sometimes takes a few extra days to be approved but will save the Church money and is well worth the delay.   

  A motion was made by Chuck Krych and seconded by Bev Alsleben to adjourn the meeting.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.

 Respectfully submitted,

Allan Grant


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