August 2011 Council Minutes

August 2011 Council Minutes

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting

August 16, 2011 (Approved)


Present:  Tom Heinrich, Dick Ruohoniemi, Bill Fredrick, Pastor Mark Bents, Pastor Jim Carlson, Chuck Krych, Lynn Bohm, Marian Hutchens, Charlie Olson, Kim Cozad, Cindi Lindquist, Mary Gilleshammer and Allan Grant  Absent:  Pastor Hal Stoa.

Guests: Giving Ministry Team Representative, Vicki Weber and Lowell Larson.


Call to Order:  President Tom Heinrich called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


Devotions: Kim Cozad led opening devotions.


Adoption of Agenda:  A motion was made by Dick Ruohoniemi and seconded by Cindi Lindquist to adopt the Council agenda.  The following correction to the agenda was made.  In New Business change “Mortgage Reserve” to Continuing Resolution Proposal. Amended agenda was approved.


Approval of Previous Minutes:  A motion was made by Dick Ruohoniemi and seconded by Bill Fredrick to approve the minutes from the June 14, 2011 Council meeting as written.  Motion approved.


Report of the Giving Ministry Team: Chair Vicki Weber presented the Council an overview of the Giving Ministry Teams and how they work in conjunction with the Senior Pastor and the Council.  Pastor Hal Stoa works with this Ministry as the Financial Resource Pastor and provides them with good leadership.  Areas that are part of this ministry are Stewardship. Special Gifts, Leave a Legacy and Benevolence.  Vice Chair Lowell Larson shared that this years stewardship theme will be “Good and Faithful” The teams are active and working to coordinate all activities to meet the financial needs of the congregation.


Reports of Officers:

Treasurer/Director of Operations:  July receipts excluding the Donor Directed Benevolence were $4,976 above budget but this includes a semi-annual General Fund contribution.  Year to date we are $3,221 below budget.  July receipts were $3,818 above disbursements for the month.  Year to date we are $24,539 over receipts.  The Building Fund was $1,089 below what is needed for the month.   


A motion was made to accept the Treasures Report by Bill Fredrick and seconded by Kim Cozad.  Motion approved.


Report from the Director of Administration: Charlie Olson presented a Facility Report of needed repairs to the church and parking lots with estimated costs.  These included sidewalk raising for $775, water leak under oldest park of church for $4,800, north driveway, replace for $7,800 repair for $1795, main parking lot repair of cracks for $3,360, chapel roof replacement for $9,000 and carpet and painting needs.


President’s Report:  Tom Heinrich reported that he has received Pastor Chad Brekke’s official signed Letter of Call.  His start date will be Sunday, September 25, 2011 with a welcoming open house for Pastor Chad and his family on Saturday, September 17th. Tom requested prayers for Pastor Chad and his family as the work to sell their home in Pennsylvania and purchase a home here in Minnesota.


The “I’m In” campaign is progressing nicely and now stands at $25, 095.  There have been questions regarding the Senior Pastors computer.  Pastor Chad needs an iMAC and the computers that were used by Pastor Tedd and Pastor Luke were sold to them when they left Prince of Peace.


Tom also shared a 30-60-90 day overview of activities planned at Prince of Peace.  This will help coordinate and facilitate programs and ministries in the future.


Vice President’s Report:  Leave A Legacy Update – The Leave A Legacy Fund stands at $178,653.25.  The committee has made disbursements of $6,063.06 through July 2011.  A request was presented to the Council to reallocate $1,200 that had been designated for new TV monitors in the Welcome Center to a new required upgrade to the wireless system currently used in the Worship Center.  These systems operate on Government controlled frequencies, which are illegal/obsolete and as a result must be replaced.  We will not be replacing the actual microphones themselves but just the transmitter belt pack and its receiver.  A motion was made to reallocate $1,200 from TV monitors to purchase 3 new Audio-Technica ATW-3110b 3000 Series UniPak Wireless Systems to replace the 3 systems for the pastors was made by Bill Fredrick and seconded by Chuck Krych.  Motion was approved.   The total cost of the new system will be $1,377, the additional $177 will come out of the Executive Teams Thrivent Choice Dollars Contingency Fund.  The committee is also planning to conduct another forum for all Prince of Peace members in November; they are presently in the process of development.


Pastor’s Report:

Pastor Mark:  Pastor Mark provided a written report which will be attached to the official minutes.  In summary Pastor Mark reported that he continues to work on Worship planning through Advent/Christmas.  The staff is continuing their book study of Healthy Congregations.  We are discovering ways and means to be productive and positive decision-making, developing networks of communication and the dynamics of emotions that are innate in congregations.  LuAnn Ferguson’s last day was August 14th and two part-time temporary replacements have been hired until the Pastor Chad starts and is able to determine the needs in this ministry.  Pastor Mark ministry at Prince of Peace will end on August 30, 2011. 


Pastor Jim:  Pastor Jim provided a written report which will be attached to the official minutes. In summary Pastor Jim reported on his various visits.  Pastor Jim continues to work on a Bible study for October, “A Gardener, Two Travelers, and a Cheat” from the People of Faith series.  He would like to attend the Cursillo retreat of October 13-16th.  He will check with Pastor Chad.  


Pastor Hal:  Pastor Hal submitted a written report which will be attached to the official minutes.  He is at St. Timothy’s of Columbia Heights Council Meeting this evening.  He reports that he continues his commitment to Prince of Peace.  He presented the Stewardship plans for the fall.  He will preach for the Stewardship kickoff on October 30th.   



Staff Report: Natalia Terfa provided the Council with her quarterly report of Youth Ministry.  Natalia reported on the Ministry Goals for 2011 and the significant steps that have been taken towards accomplishing these goals: She has created a new schedule for junior and senior high based on adult and youth feedback.  She reports that the summer was awesome with Backyard Bible Study, a very successful Mission Trip and a great Mission week for grades 6-8.  The youth are now working on the Youth Room remodel that should be completed soon.



Council Reports

Each Ministry Team is to submit a written report each month.  These will be attached to the official minutes.  Highlights will be included in these Minutes.


Executive Team:  The team listed four goals for 2011 and the significant steps that have been taken to reach their goals.  These include:

  • ·    President has met with the Giving Team.
  • ·    Approved support for the transition of the Director of Media and Volunteers.
  • ·    Vice President met with Leave a Legacy and is helping with timelines.
  • ·     Secretary will continue to have “check-ins” with staff.


Sunday Morning Experience Enhancement:  The team has been busy planning for the year by training Team Captains and signing up members to serve on the various WE teams each week.  Chuck Krych reported on the recommendations for the 3 new microphones in the sanctuary.  When Pastor Chad begins it was decided that baskets with name tags will be placed on each pew to assist him in getting to know the congregation.  The team thanked LuAnn Ferguson for her assistance.


Congregational Care: The team has been working on the new member orientation on August 22nd with introductions to the congregation on August 28th.  It has been decided to develop a “mentoring” model for new members by assigning a “fellowship friend” to each new family.  This will hopefully assist and encourage them in their first six months as members to become active and involved in at least one ministry.


Community Life:  The team has planned the Homecoming events for September 11th, they have a “kid friendly worship service as well as a bounce house, crafts, games, royalty photos and other fun activities to welcome all back for another great year.  The Team is looking at possibly having a “hoe down in November.  They are also planning a big Prince of Peace welcome for Pastor Chad Brekke and his family on September 17th.


Spiritual Development:  No report


Outreach:  The team met and reviewed what has been accomplished this year and what their goals are for the coming months.  The team is very pleased with the Tree House campaign and the generous donations that have been made.  They want to begin a ministry of assisting the students at Park Brook Elementary.  Several options have been discussed and a planned meeting with the principal will soon take place.


Unfinished Business:  None 


New Business:  The Executive Committee forwarded to the Council a proposed Continuing Resolution entitled “Loan against Restricted Funds to Cover General Fund Shortfalls”.  The Continuing Resolution was shared with the Council and was explained by members of the Executive Committee.  While there is not a need at this time to have to invoke this resolution it was developed to be proactive if the need should arise.  A motion to approve the Continuing Resolution on “Loan against Restricted Funds to Cover General Fund Shortfalls” was made by Dick Ruohoniemi and seconded by Bill Fredrick.  There was discussion.  Motion was approved.




Continuing Resolution

Loan against Restricted Funds to Cover General Fund Shortfalls

Approved August 16, 2011


To establish guidelines and procedures to use when there is a need to take a loan against the Restricted Funds to cover shortfalls in the General Fund.

Guidelines and Procedures:

  1. 1.      The Treasurer and Director of Operations will recommend to the Executive Committee to ask for final approval from the Congregational Council the authority to take loans against the Restricted Funds.
  2. 2.      This procedure would be in place of taking a loan out at a financial institution to cover the shortfall in the General Fund.
  3. 3.      The loans would have a maximum total of $15,000 and a minimum loan of $1,000 in any given year.
  4. 4.      Payments will be set at a minimum payment of $1,000 per month.  Payments will be due at the end of the next month after the loan was taken with a final balloon payment due by December 31st of each year.
  5. 5.      The interest rate will be 0%.
  6. 6.      The Treasurer and Director of Operations will give recommendations to the Executive Committee with final approval of the Congregational Council regarding payoff of the total loan amount prior to the end of the current calendar year.
  7. 7.      Should a shortage arise in the Restricted Funds accounts due to a loan made to the General Fund, Prince of Peace will be obligated to pay back the loan by obtaining a loan from a financial institution or any other means possible.
  8. 8.      The President and Treasurer will sign the Loan Document each time a loan is needed and this Document will be held by the Director of Operation to be submitted as part of the annual audit.
  9. 9.      The Treasurer will report all loans from the Restricted Funds to the General Fund to the Executive Committee and the Congregational Council at the next scheduled meeting as part of the Treasurer Report.
  10. 10.  The Treasurer will also have a ministry moment at the next Sunday Worship services to notify the congregation of the shortfall in the General Fund.  


A motion was made by Cindi Lindquist and seconded by Marian Hutchens to adjourn the meeting.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Allan Grant


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